Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Writing Competition: Black Warrior Review

Black Warrior Review Ninth-Annual Contest Now Open
All entries must be submitted by September 1, 2013.
We're honored to have as our guest judges:
Kate Durbin (Poetry)
Brian Evenson (Fiction/Prose)
Jenny Boully (Nonfiction)

Winners in each genre receive a $1,000 prize and publication in BWR 40.2, our Spring/Summer 2014 issue. Finalists receive notation in that issue and are considered for publication.

Please submit your $15 entry fee at our store, then enter your Payment Gateway Reference number with your submission at our website. Shipping for your complimentary-with-entry subscription should be free for all, but we are aware of a glitch in our store for international entrants. Please email blackwarriorreviewATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . ) for the simple workaround.
Each entry is $15 and comes with a one-year subscription to BWR. For Fiction/Prose and Nonfiction, the entry fee covers one 7500 word story or essay. For Poetry, the entry fee covers one packet of up to three poems.

You may submit multiple entries. We accept only previously unpublished work. We do allow simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you notify us promptly of publication elsewhere. Conflicts of Interest: Similar to our regular editorial policy, students, faculty, staff, or administrators currently affiliated with University of Alabama are ineligible for consideration or publication. Additionally, anyone with affiliation with a judge is ineligible to enter in that category. We ask that previous winners wait three years after their winning entry is published before entering again.

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