Monday, August 27, 2018

Call for Submissions: Sky Island Journal

Deadline: September 30, 2018

Sky Island Journal is an independent, international, free-access literary journal; we are dedicated to discovering the finest poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. We publish accomplished, well-established authors—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. We provide our 24,000 readers with a powerful, focused, advertising-free literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. We publish quarterly, and our average response time is 9 days. 

Every submission receives a prompt, respectful, and individualized response detailing what we appreciated. Enjoy our previous issues, and submit your best writing for Issue 6, before September 30th. 

Submit your work here.

Writing Competition: Songs of Eretz Poetry Review 2018 Poetry Contest

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review Calls for Submissions to Its Annual Poetry Contest

The contest winner will be awarded a one thousand dollar honorarium! $200 will be awarded for second place. $100 will be awarded for third.

All non-winning poems that make the finals will be entered into Songs of Eretz Readers Choice Award Contest for a chance to win a $200 honorarium. 

Guest Judge: Montana Poet Laureate Lowell Jaeger

Submit poetry of any genre and length up to 833 words. Both unpublished work and reprints are welcome!

The "official" start of the contest is September 1, 2018, but we are accepting "early" submissions at this time. 

Deadline: October 15, 2018.

Entry Fee: $20.00

Contest Guidelines. 

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD
Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Writing Competition: Phillip H. McMath Post Publication Book Award

Phillip H. McMath Post Publication Book Award

The Arkansas Writer's MFA Workshop at the University of Central Arkansas is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual Philip H. McMath Post-Publication Book Award and to congratulate Rachel Hall, whose story collection, Heirlooms, won last year's award.

Genre Unlimited-NOT limited to Arkansas books or writers.

$500, trophy, and Travel Expenses as Featured Author at the Arkatext Literary Festival, Spring 2019

The mission of this award is to honor the contributions of Philip H. McMath to the Arkansas literary community, and to promote stellar books by emerging writers.

This award is open for nominations between June 15 and October 15 (postmark deadline). 

Entry Fee: $25.00

For complete submission guidelines, please visit our website.

Call for Essays: Nature's Healing Spirit

Call for nature essays dealing with GRIEF.

Do you have an essay that fits the general theme for our first Nature’s Healing Spirit book and also deals with recovery from GRIEF? We would love to see your work!

Full Submission Guidelines here.

Submission deadline is September 15, 2018

Call for Submissions: Escape Artists: Artemis Rising 5


See the below for Important distinctions between the calls from our four podcasts. Note differences in word count, preferences for originals or reprints, multiple and simultaneous accepted under specific conditions.

* Open September 1-30
* $.06 per word for originals
* Any author who identifies as a woman to any degree. Co-authors must also identify as women.
* Simultaneous: Don’t send the same story to multiple podcasts.
* Multiple: Send another story for this call even if you already have a different story under consideration at one of our podcasts.
* Rejected from Artemis Rising: Do not resubmit a story rejected by Artemis Rising’s editors to the same podcast’s general submissions.


Cast of Wonders
young adult, $100 reprints, $20 flash, 1,500-6000 words.

science fiction, $100 for reprints, 1,500-6000 words. Don’t send stories previously rejected by EscapePod.

fantasy, $100 for reprints, 1,500-6000 words. See this link for “we want stories with” and “hard sells”. Don’t send stories previously rejected by PodCastle. For this call only, no simultaneous submissions.

horror, original stories preferred, 1000-6000 words. Don’t send stories previously rejected by PseudoPod.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Writing Competition: Big Muddy's Mighty River Short Story Contest

Big Muddy's Mighty River Short Story Contest

Deadline: October 1

Reading Fee: $20 Through Submittable--if you are unable to pay through Submittable, please email:

upressATsemoDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to . ) 

to make alternate arrangements.

Award: $1000 and publication in an issue of Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley.
Manuscripts submitted to the contest will be read and judged anonymously.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions must not be previously published.
Submit a maximum of 30 pages, double-spaced.

Failure to follow these guidelines may disqualify entry.

Writing Competition: Nilsen Literary Prize for a First Novel

Submissions must be previously unpublished novels, novellas, or collections of closely linked short stories.

Deadline: November 1, annually. 

Reading Fee: $30 

Award: $2,000 and publication by Southeast Missouri State University Press. 

Manuscripts submitted to the contest will be read and judged anonymously.

Previous winners include J.T. Hill, John Surowiecki, Maureen Aitken, and Ron Austin
For additional details, please follow this link.

Or submit directly here:

Call for Poetry Submissions to Anthology: Pantoums for the 21st Century

Poets are invited to submit pantoums for an upcoming anthology, tentatively titled, “Pantoums for the 21st Century.” Send up to three pantoums, which meet the following criteria: the poems must be recognizable as pantoums; although the poets may be international, the pantoums must be in English; and, finally, the pantoums can be previously published in a print or online journal or magazine where the author holds copyright, but I will not accept pantoums previously published in books. Also, no translations, please.

I prefer that pantoums not have the word “pantoum” in their titles, for obvious reasons. Payment TBD.

The collection will be edited by Carol H. Jewell (that's me), whose first book, Hits and Missives, was published in 2017, by Clare Songbirds Publishing House (Auburn, NY), and which contains numerous pantoums.

Send submissions in Word, as PDF, or in the body of your email. Please put “Pantoum anthology” in the subject line. If your Pantoum(s) is/are chosen, you will be asked to provide a brief biographical statement.

Send your pantoums to:

cherbiejATgmailDOTcom  (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

before December 31, 2018.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Call for Submissions: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons from the Dog

Life Lessons from the Dog

Our dog titles are so very popular, and you have so many great stories to share with us, that we do a new dog title every eighteen months or so. Here is another chance for you to share a story or two about that member of your family who just happens to walk on four feet!

We are looking for first-person true stories and poems up to 1200 words. Tell us what your dog taught you. How he made you smile. How she "rescued" you after you "rescued" her. How she brought your family closer together, helped you find love, inspired you to change something in your human life. Stories can be serious or humorous, or both. We can’t wait to read all the heartwarming, inspirational, and hysterical stories you have about your dogs and what you learned from them!

***Please note: If you submitted at story or poem for a previous dog book and we DID NOT publish it, here is your chance to submit it to us again. If you submitted a story and we DID publish it in a previous dog book, please do not submit it. We will not publish it again.

Here are some suggested topics:

• Who rescued who?
• Who trained who?
• Do you sometimes think your dog is human?
• Insights from your dog
• Empathy from your dog
• Compassion from your dog
• How my dog picked me
• My dog can almost talk
• My therapy dog
• My dog makes me laugh
• My dog understands
• How my dog changed my family
• How my dog changed my life
• My dog’s interaction with other animals
• From puppies to senior dogs, milestones, end of life
• Your work at a shelter or rescue organization
• Children and dogs
• Your dog and holidays
• Your dog overcoming hardship, getting lost and coming home, being injured and recovering

The deadline date for story and poem submissions is OCTOBER 31, 2018.

Payment: $200.00

More information here.

Submit your work here.

Call for Horror Submissions to Anthology: Corpus Press

Corpus Press is accepting submissions for non-themed horror anthologies with a publication target 2019. Submissions will be accepted according to our publishing needs, regardless of author publication history, status, race, creed, gender, sexual preferences or any other identity factor. Submissions should be story-driven and appeal to a wide adult audience.

What we ARE looking for:

• Not previously published short stories of 2,500-4,500 words (no reprints). We are seeking stories that can be characterized as being within the broad category of “horror” fiction.
• Successful submissions will be highly original, well written and cleanly edited.
• Stories may be frightening, thought-provoking, atmospheric, humorous and/or satirical (or any combination thereof), but MUST contain a complete tale.

What we ARE NOT looking for:

• We are not seeking “extreme horror” or “Splatterpunk” material. We discourage submissions that have a singular purpose of shocking the audience with explicit language, sexuality and/or violence. Explicit language, sexuality and violence are acceptable, however, if handled in a tasteful manner and in service to a well-plotted, engaging story.
• Abstract mood pieces, vignettes, and highly experimental approaches to literature are discouraged. We are not accepting poems.
• Stories featuring exaggerated dialects, colloquialisms or excessive references to pop culture or current fads are discouraged.
• Not seeking stories featuring vampires, werewolves or zombies.
• Epistolary fiction will not be accepted.

Document Requirements: Submissions must be in an editable format sent via the publisher’s submission portal. No PDFs or scanned documents sent as image files will be accepted. Preference is for author name, email address and word count information to be placed at the end of the document.

Submission window: June 1, 2018 until midnight EST September 15, 2018. 

Please no multiple or simultaneous submissions. Notifications of acceptance / rejection will be sent no later than October 30, 2018, with publication target of 2019.


Pay Rate: $.03 per word.
Payment will be capped at $150 USD for accepted submissions (2,500-4,500 words). Two (2) free contributor copies (paperback) will be provided upon publication, with contributors having the option to buy additional quantities at cost post-publication. Payment on publication.

Anthology target length: Approximately 250-300 pages. Title TBD.

FYI: If you experience problems logging into Green Submissions, the easiest fix is to create a new username and password with a different email address. Fixes 99% of issues. Resetting password doesn't work well.

Submit via Green Submissions.

Call for Submissions on the Theme of Music, Theater, and the Performing Arts: Cricket

Cricket (for ages 9-14) seeks fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about music, theater, and the performing arts. Most Cricket readers play musical instruments, and many perform in plays or dance. They enjoy poetry and contemporary fiction that reflects their challenges and triumphs. Cricket regularly publishes nonfiction and historical fiction about the history of music or theater, the biographies of famous composers and artistic innovators, the making of instruments, and non-Western artistic traditions. Profiles of people, whether or not they are well known, who are working professionally in the performing arts are also welcome.

Cricket, a magazine for 9-14-year-olds, also publishes puzzles, crafts, recipes, and activities.

Deadline: 15 September 2018 

Length: 1,200-1,800 words for fiction and nonfiction; can accept up to 6,000 words for fiction; up to 6 poems

Pay: Up to $0.25/word for prose, $3/line for poetry, $75 for activities and recipes 

Details here (scroll down).

Call for Submissions: Redheaded Stepchild

Redheaded Stepchild is open for submissions for the month of August. We do not accept previously published work. We do, however, accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else. For more information, visit our website.

Submit 3-5 poems that have been rejected elsewhere with the names of the magazines that rejected the poems.

We do not accept email attachments; therefore, in the body of your email, please include the following:

· a brief bio

· 3-5 poems

· the publication(s) that rejected the poems

Send your submission to:

redheadedstepchildmagATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

Call for Submissions: The Flexible Persona

Deadline: Rolling

The Flexible Persona, a literary magazine based in Troy, NY, seeks fiction and poetry for its Fall 2018 print issue (Vol. 03 No. 02) and online. We pay for both print and online publication. 

We publish writers from around the English-speaking world. Please visit the site to read current and past pieces or to order an issue. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Call for Submissions: Awkward Mermaid

Deadline: Rolling

Awkward Mermaid is a brand new millennial & mental health lit mag accepting all forms of creative submissions: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, & art. This is where magic & mental illness can coexist.

Writing Competition: Petrichor Reprint Award

1st place wins $500, personalized lucite, recording of the winning story in audio and publication. 
2nd place wins $100, and publication of the recorded piece.
3rd place wins $50, and publication of the recorded piece.
Runners-up (5), semi-finalists (10), and honorable mentions (5) will be announced on the Petrichor website and considered for publication.

We do not have record tracks exceeding 90 minutes and we would hate to cut a short story into parts. An hour of audio is roughly 9,000 words.

We look for the author name, phonetic spelling of the author name and any unusual names in the story, word count, where the story originally appeared, the acknowledgement you need (e.g., first appeared on The XYZ Review), the date of publication, author bio, author picture and contact information. You can also let us know if you specifically want male or female voice narration. Anything else is up to you; we will not be offended if you stick to the minimum.

Microsoft Word only please. Even if the story is published online, we still need the file.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted.

Multiple submissions are permitted.

The story is yours. It will continue to be yours. We retain the rights to the audio we produce. We also reserve the right to the content for promotional purposes. In addition, we ask for a six-month exclusivity period where we ask that you do not publish the story in audio in the period of six months from the date it appears on our website.

Please use Submittable. We don’t accept submissions by mail.

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2018

Entry Fee: $12.00 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Call for Reviewers at

Readers, want to get your hands on free lit mags while sharing your thoughts about the featured work? Write literary magazine reviews with NewPages! To receive print journals in your mailbox, gain knowledge on the editor's preferences, and familiarize yourself with new magazines, stop by our reviewer guidelines, and send a writing sample to Review Editor Katy Haas at:

katyhaasATnewpagesworkDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Call for Creative Nonfiction: Longridege Review

Call for Submissions - Longridge Review

August 18 - September 23, 2018 

Our mission is to present the finest essays on the mysteries of childhood experience, the wonder of adult reflection, and how the two connect over a lifespan.

We discourage simple excerpts from memoir, as such fragments rarely work well as stand-alone, coherent, effective essays. We do not publish writing that is overtly sentimental.

We are committed to publishing narratives steeped in reverence for childhood perceptions, but we seek essays that stretch beyond the clich├ęs of childhood as simple, angelic, or easy. We feature writing that layers the events of the writer’s early years with learning or wisdom accumulated in adult life.

We welcome diverse creative nonfiction pieces that depict revealing moments about the human condition.

We will consider one creative nonfiction piece (up to 3,500 words) per submission period. Please do not submit more than once during the reading period. Individual authors will not be published more than once per calendar year.

Please visit our website for more detailed guidance. There is a reading and correspondence fee of $3.00 per submission.


Twitter: @LongridgeReview
FB: Longridge Editors LLC

Call for Susmissions: Apple Valley Review

Submissions for the Fall 2018 issue (Vol. 13, No. 2) of the Apple Valley Review are open through September 15, 2018.
We accept unpublished personal essays and short fiction (preferably between 100 and 3,000 words, though the word count is flexible) and poetry. Prose poetry, translations, flash fiction, and writing with genre elements (such as fabulism/magical realism) are all welcome.
 All published work is automatically considered for our annual editor's prize. The 2017 recipient was P. Ivan Young; three of his poems appeared in the Fall 2017 issue. Several pieces from the journal have also appeared as selections, finalists, and/or notable stories in Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, Best of the Net, Best of the Web, New Poetry from the Midwest, storySouth Million Writers Award, and The Wigleaf Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions.
To submit, please send 1-6 poems or 1-3 essays/short stories, all pasted into the body of a single e-mail message, to our editor:
editorATleahbrowningDOTnet (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )
The current issue, previous issues, subscription information, and complete submission guidelines are available online. There are no fees.

Call for Submissions: Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal @ Washington College

Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal @ Washington College opens for submissions for its fifth issue from August 1 to October 1, 2018! We are writers who value and publish well-crafted short stories, poems, and creative nonfiction essays that are not afraid to make us care. We want work that braves to be, that dares to be. We encourage well-informed work where the form understands its relationship with the content. We want pieces that seem wise, that are unafraid to confront topics that matter, and that speak with urgency, that beg for an ear to listen. We want to read vividly-drawn characters who challenge and enlarge our sympathy.

Although the journal is still very young, Cherry Tree has already received national recognition.. Poems from the first two issues have been selected for inclusion in both the 2016 and 2017 editions of The Best American Poetry, chosen by editors Edward Hirsch and Natasha Trethewey. Several poems from the first issue were also featured on Verse Daily.

Cherry Tree is an annual print journal that pays $20 to each contributor, along with two contributors’ copies of the issue in which their work appears. From August 1 to October 1, please send us your best poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and literary shade!

Submit your work through our Submittable portal.

Call for Submissions: 3Elements Review

3Elements Review is now accepting submissions for Issue 21! The new elements are Gristle, Bolt, and Kitchen Table. All three terms must be used in any poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction piece. Art and photography must represent at least one element.
Our content is almost always 100% unsolicited, and we nominate for Pushcart, Best of the Net, and other awards. We have published new and well-known writers and artists from around the world, and we do not charge a reading fee for regular submissions. Expedited and feedback options are also available.
Deadline is October 31. Issue will be released January 1.
More information here.
Latest Issue.
Follow us on Twitter.
Like us on Facebook.
We look forward to reading your work!

Call for Poetry Submissions: Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry

Call for Submissions -- Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry
Submission period: August 1-October 1, 2018 for our third annual issue (April 2019)

Presence, an international journal planned for annual print publication each spring, is an independent journal affiliated with the Department of English, Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ, and edited by Mary Ann B. Miller.

We publish poems on the basis of their artistic excellence, rather than on the basis of the author's professed creed or because the subject matter is explicitly Catholic. The poems in this journal convey God’s presence in any number of ways—by exploring the intersection of matter and spirit, by depicting the struggle between belief and doubt, by questioning the faith, being surprised by it, taking joy in it, even finding humor in it.

Past contributors include: Jim Daniels, Kate Daniels, Dana Gioia, Paul Mariani, and Marilyn Nelson.

A poem from our inaugural issue was selected for Best American Poetry 2017, and Poetry Daily selected an interview from the 2018 issue for its weekly prose feature. We nominate for prizes. 

Please send up to five unpublished poems, each no more than two pages in length, in a single Word file, using 11-point Times New Roman font.

Be sure that your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address appear at the upper right-hand corner of every page of the file.

Include a short cover letter in which you provide a 100-125 word bio, as outlined in the submission guidelines on our website.

Attach the file to an email to the editor at:

mmillerATcaldwellDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

with the following subject line: "Submit poems to Presence 2019." 

No submission fee. No monetary payment is possible at this time. Contributor copy only. 

Our mission statement and submission guidelines may be found on our website.

Writing Competition: 9th Annual Contest in Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction: Deadline September 3
Poetry judge: Jane Hirshfield
Nonfiction judge: Elizabeth Dodd
Fiction judge: Daniel Orozco

A prize of $500 plus publication for the first-place winner will be awarded in each genre. Finalists in each genre will also receive publication and a prize of $100. 

Entry fee is $15 for each story, essay/article, or set of 3-6 poems (or single long poem).

Deadline of September 3 for publication in late 2018 or early 2019. All notifications will be made in November.

Submission guidelines here

Call for Submissions: The Blue Tiger Review

The Blue Tiger Review is a literary journal started by the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (JI), and we are seeking creative work for our first issue from ESL writers. This is your chance to get your work read and considered by JI graduate students and faculty, and if selected for publication, the editorial staff will work with you to develop your writing skills.

The Blue Tiger Review welcomes written and visual work from high school and university ESL students as well as veteran writers. We publish creative work from students on our website in the following genres:

-Fiction, less than 3,000 words
-Creative non-fiction, less than 3,000 words
-Poetry, three or fewer poems
-Flash fiction or non-fiction, less than 500 words
-Translations of poetry, fiction, or non-fiction

From more veteran international writers, we accept creative submissions of any kind. If accepted, we ask that experienced writers write a paragraph or two of advice for our student writers. In addition to creative work, we also accept any non-fiction on practical advice for studying or teaching creative writing.

In addition to written submissions, we also accept visual submissions that can come in the form of either art, photography, or digital composition.

Please submit all files to:

submissionsATbluetigerreviewDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

with your genre in the subject line. Multiple genres of submission means multiple emails.
Please include your name, year in school, and first language in your email. If you are translating a work, make sure you either have the writer’s permission or the work is in the public domain.

There are no fees to submit your work, and we are not yet a paying market. Send us your best work, and we will do our best to read it soon. Please visit us at our website to check out currently published work.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Writing Competition: Cincinnati Review

The Cincinnati Review is accepting entries for the 2018 Robert and Adele Schiff Awards in Poetry and Prose from now through August 31st. We'll choose one poem and one prose piece (fiction or literary nonfiction) for publication in our 2019 prize issue, and the two winners will each get $1,000. 
The entry fee of $20 includes a yearlong subscription, and all entries will be considered for publication, not just the winners. For each entry, send up to 8 pages of poetry or one story/essay of up to 40 pages. Please submit entries through our online submission manager here, but not without reading our complete contest guidelines first!
Note to international entrants only: For the first time, we're offering those who live outside the United States the option of receiving their free subscription in electronic rather than print format, so if you'd rather get an e-subscription, please indicate this preference in the "comments" section of your entry form.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Scholarships and Fellowships: 2019 Eckerd College Writers' Conference: Writers in Paradise

Over 20 Scholarships & Fellowships Available for the 2019 Eckerd College Writers’ Conference: Writers in Paradise

Located on the coast of the picturesque Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida, the 15th Annual Eckerd College Writers’ Conference: Writers in Paradise offers an intimate experience of workshop classes in Crime & Suspense, Memoir, Non-fiction, Novel, Poetry, Structure, Short Story and Historical Fiction, along with craft talks, panel discussions, Q&As, readings, book signings, and receptions with our award-winning faculty and lecturers.

2019’s faculty and lecturers include: Madeleine Blais, Dawn Davies, Debra Dean, Andre Dubus III, Ann Hood, Major Jackson, Laura Lippman, Peter Meinke, Ana Menendez, Stewart O'Nan, Les Standiford, Helen Wallace, Sterling Watson, Dennis Lehane as Keynote, Elizabeth Strout as Closing Speaker, and Kim Witherspoon (agent), Gerald Costanzo and Cynthia Lamb (editors).

For more information about the conference including workshop descriptions, please visit our website.

For complete guidelines and to apply go here. Deadline is November 1.

Writing Competition: Palette Poetry Prize

We are thrilled to offer the Palette Poetry Prize this year: $4000 and publication with Palette Poetry. We are seeking one excellent poem that speaks to what poetry is and can be for our world today. Send us your incandescent heart on the page.

Entry Fee: $20.00

The winner will be selected by our guest judge, Shane McCrae.

Information can be found here.

Full Guidelines and Submit here.

Writing Competition: Critical Read's Origins Essay Contest

Deadline: September 30, 2018

Announcing Critical Read’s Origins Essay Contest. Winner receives $500 and publication in our online fall issue, Origins. Your essay should be no longer than 3,000 words and must involve some art or art historical incident, appreciation, or other artistic point of reflection. This point of reflection should tie to the theme of Origins. What does it mean to be original? What are the origins of an art experience? What are your origins as an artist? Only previously unpublished essays will be considered.

Entry Fee: $10.00

For more information see our Submittable page.

Questions? Contact: 

scottATcriticalreadDOTorg (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

All entries will be considered for publication in future issues.

Writing Competition: 10 Annual Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

10th Annual Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

Deadline: August 31, 2018 

$1,000 grand prize. 1,000 word maximum. Second prize: $100. Four honorable mentions: $25 each. All six finalists will be published online in the October 2018 issue of Gemini.

Entry fee: $5. “I would have written a shorter letter but I did not have the time.” (Mark Twain) We hunger for your work!

Call for Submissions: Driftwood Press

Submissions accepted year-round. 

John Updike once said, "Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better." At Driftwood Press, we are actively searching for artists who care about doing it right, or better. We are excited to receive your submissions and will diligently work to bring you the best in craft essays, short fiction, poetry, graphic narrative, photography, art, and interviews. 

We also offer our submitters a premium option to receive an acceptance or rejection letter within one week of submission; many authors are offered editorships and interviews.

We pay our contributors. Please see our guidelines for payment rates.

Call for Submissions of Screenplays and Stage Plays: The Coachella Review

Deadline: October 29, 2018

The Coachella Review is looking for short theatrical works to publish online in our Winter 2018 issue or for ongoing posts on our blog. This is a great opportunity for first-time writers looking to get their works published or for seasoned playwrights wanting to reach a new audience.

We are interested in scripts within the ten to thirty page range. Stage plays should follow Final Draft format. Screenplays should be in Final Draft screenwriting format. Please submit only Word documents, and only one submission per author.

Call for Submissions: Maryland Literary Review

Deadline: October 31, 2018

Maryland Literary Review is now open for submissions for our premier issue. Please send your best poems, short stories, and essays to:

nleslieATmarylandliteraryreviewDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

by 10/31/18. No submission fee! See our brand new website for information. We also have a blog and are open to eclectic postings.

Call for Submissions: Up North Lit

Up North Lit is currently open for submissions in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from poets from or inspired by the Midwest. There is no reading fee.

For more submission information please visit our guidelines.

Submissions accepted through Submittable only. Feel free to contact us at:

directorATupnorthlitDOTorg (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

if you have any questions.