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Call for Submissions: Kinfolks: a journal of black expression

Call for submissions: Kinfolks: a journal of black expression
Theme: Unthemed 

Submission deadline: November 15, 2013 

Kinfolks: a journal of black expression is a publication dedicated to thinking about blackness in its infinite permutations. Started in 2013 by a small collective of friends old and new, the journal’s ethos is centered around the notion that the culture(s) of Africa and the African Diaspora provide us with models of collectivity, commonality, and kinship that have been and will be central to the story of our world. Thus, we are interested in publishing poetry, photography, essays (personal, video, narrative, lyric, etc.), literary criticism, art criticism, reviews, extended meditations, flash fiction, and paintings that are a part of the continuing conversation about and around blackness. What this conversation looks and sounds like is, of course, up to the panoply of voices that assemble to build its foundation.

We are now accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, visual art, art criticism, photographs, or other original creative works for our inaugural issue, to be released in January 2014. The issue will not be themed; this is an open call.

Please use our online submissions form– do not email individual editors with submissions.

We cannot accept work that has been published elsewhere, including on blogs or personal websites. We accept simultaneous submissions, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please contact us immediately. You may submit to Kinfolks only once per quarterly issue.

Use the “Cover Letter / Biography” field of the online submissions form to include a cover letter, in which you should tell us a bit about yourself.

Our editors review submissions blindly. Therefore, please do not include your name or contact information in the body of your submission document or in the title field of the submissions manager.

Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting. If you have questions or would like to send us a book to potentially review, please contact Joshua Bennett: 

editor [[[at]]] kinfolksquarterly [[[dot]]] com (Change [[[at]]] to @ and [[[dot]]] to .)

Include 3-5 poems at a time in one .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Your name should not appear anywhere on the document.

Visual Art /Photographs
Include 1-3 pieces as individual files. All art submissions must be attached as high-resolution .jpg files. Label each file with the title of the individual piece, and list the titles in your cover letter, as well.

Please submit 1-3 pieces as individual .doc or .docx files; each should be no longer than 1500 words. Do not submit .pdf files. Reviewed books and films must have been released within the last 12 months. Reviewed exhibitions and performances must have taken place within the last 6 months.

One piece per submission; limit 25 pages of any style. Submit as individual .doc or .docx files. Novel excerpts are fine if the piece stands on its own without additional context.

Short Prose Competition: 2013 Robert J. DeMott Short Prose Contest

2013 Robert J. DeMott Short Prose Contest

Prize: $1,000 and publication in Quarter After Eight
Submission Deadline: November 30, 2013
Entry Fee: $15 for three pieces, includes a one year subscription

Submit up to three previously unpublished pieces of 500 words or fewer: prose poems, short-short stories, micro-essays, etc. We accept both electronic and paper submissions to the contest. All entries will be considered for publication in Quarter After Eight. For further details go here.

Quarter After Eight also welcomes general submissions in any genre. We are currently reading for our 20th issue forthcoming in early 2014. Quarter After Eight is dedicated to the exploration of innovative writing and regularly publishes new and established writers. For more information visit our website


Call for Submissions: Printer's Devil Review

Printer's Devil Review (ISSN 2160-2948) is an independent, open access journal of literary and visual art. We provide emerging writers and artists with access to publication and inquisitive readers with new voices and visions. We sell print editions at cost, but evey issue of the magazine is available for free download as a PDF (some are also available in e-book formats). We publish new writers alongside Pushcart- and Pulitzer Prize-winning ones.
We pay a lot of attention to graphic design and have a killer website that ensures your work will not only look good, but reach readers wherever they are and on any device, from desktops to phones. (Yeah, we're kind of from the future.) We nominate for Best of the Net, Pushcart Prize, and Best Indie Lit New England.  
We're currently seeking submissions of fiction (2,000 to 9,000 words), poetry, and nonfiction. Our reading period for Spring 2014 opened October 1, 2013 and closes January 1, 2014.  
You can find full guidelines for each section and access our online submission system here.

Flash Fiction Competition: Ginosko Literary Journal

Ginosko Flash Fiction Contest: $250 Award, $5 entry fee, deadline March 1, 2014.
Submit up to 2 pieces, 800 words maximum each piece.

Final Judges: Maggie Heaps, Michael Hettich, Gary Lundy, E M Schorb, Larissa Shmailo, Andrena Zawinski, Andrei Guruianu, Robert Paul Cesaretti.
Awarded work will be published in Ginosko Literary Journal.

Guidelines and Eligibility:
The Ginosko Flash Fiction Award is for an unpublished work of flash fiction. Awarded piece is selected through a submission process open to all writers with the following exception:
Relatives or individuals having a personal or professional relationship with any of the final judges where they have taken any part whatsoever in shaping the submitted manuscript.

Procedures and Considerations:
Please submit work, along with a brief bio, and cover letter if desired, to:

GinoskoContestATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Attachments must be in .wps, .doc, .rtf, or .pdf form, otherwise they will not be considered (please include last name on every page submitted). Send print submissions to:

Ginosko Literary Journal
PO Box 246
Fairfax, CA 94978

Payment Procedures:
Online submissions will receive emailed invoices via PayPal, though you do not need a PayPal account. Print submissions may send $5 in cash or check (made payable to Ginosko Literary Journal) to the above address.

Call for Submissions: Faultline: Journal of Arts and Letters

Faultline: Journal of Arts and Letters at UC Irvine is accepting submissions for its spring 2013 issue. Faultline welcomes previously unpublished submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations, and art. Submissions close February 15, 2014. We look forward to reading your work.


Poetry: up to five poems.

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: up to twenty pages.

Translation: up to five poems and up to twenty pages for fiction and nonfiction translations. Please include the original author’s name.

Art: up to five 8 x 10 color or black and white prints (slides may be necessary if work is accepted for publication).

Please mail all submissions to the address below and indicate on the envelope if your submission is for the fiction or poetry editor. All submissions should include a cover letter with the author’s name, mailing address, email address, and titles of work submitted along with an SASE. Please indicate in the cover letter if it is a simultaneous submission. Manuscripts will not be returned.

For questions or to withdraw the manuscript upon acceptance elsewhere, contact the editors at:

faultineATuciDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Mail your submissions to:

University of California, Irvine
Department of English
435 Humanities Instructional Building
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-2650

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Call for Presentations: Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY

As teachers of literature and creative writing, the conference asks the larger question: How do we make a literary life and literary citizenship possible both for our students and for ourselves?
This is an interdisciplinary call extended to teachers and graduate students. Additional topics are welcome.

Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2013. Send abstracts (minimum of 250 words) or inquiries to:

Dr. Margaret Barrow or Dr. Manya Steinkoler
Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY
English Department, Room N751
199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007
Telephone: (212) 220-8000 x7282


mbarrowATbmcc.cunyDOTedu or msteinkolerATbmcc.cunyDOTedu 
(Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

The website.

Call for Submissions: Soundings Review

Soundings Review is the literary journal of the MFA program at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts on Whidbey Island, Washington. The magazine welcomes submissions of high quality writing in any area (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s/young adult). We are open to different styles and voices, but are passionate about accessibility and depth. We seek articles that create a connection with a reader on the first reading and spur increase understanding and pleasure after further readings. (Our only taboo: hate literature, which includes pornography, gratuitous violence, and all the “isms” that stereotype or disrespect others).

We also offer two semi-annual contests, the Founders’ Circle Contest for published writers, and the First Publication Contest for writers whose work has not appeared in a national publication. Winners receive publication and $300 (Founders’ Circle) or $100 (First Publication). Entry fees are $10.

Deadlines for submissions and contest entries are January 1 and May 1. Soundings Review is published twice a year. For more information, please see our submission guidelines.

Call for Submissions: The Cartier Street Review

The Cartier Street Review is alive and well and requesting submissions. Please send poetry, flash fiction, articles on writing, short stories, and reviews of books, music and other type articles for consideration to:

violetwritesATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Please put submission into the subject line along with your last name and the type of work you are submitting.

A short note to the editor such as, “Hi I am writer submitting 3 poems titled …”

Include a short bio with your submission.

Call for Submissions from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: Prashanti Press

Call for Submissions: Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Prashanti Press seeks submissions from veterans of the wars in Iraq and/or Afghanistan for a short anthology intended for publication in 2014.

Submissions may include short fiction, essays, poetry, photographs, drawings, or paintings.

For more info, please visit our website.

For questions, email:

submissionsATprashantipressDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Call for Poetry Submissions: Blast Furnace

As a reminder: we accept a few kinds of submission formats: portable document format (.pdf), rich text format (.rft) and .doc/docx (Microsoft Word) files, OR .mp3/.wav audio files.

That said...please submit no more than three (3) of your BEST poems, or, if you prefer to create an audio recording of yourself reciting your poetry, send ONLY ONE (1) file attachment of NOT MORE THAN 2 MINUTES/120 seconds in total duration here

For our eleventh issue, we are entertaining poetry of ANY theme. We simply ask that individual submissions do NOT exceed more than three (3) poems per poet, and that each individual poem NOT exceed more than three (3) pages.

Please read our Mission/Values, Submission Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posted near the top of our web page, before submitting to review what resonates with us. We love a variety of poetic styles, but we are also picky.

DEADLINE: December 15, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Call for Submissions: The Ilanot Review

The Ilanot Review welcomes submissions of creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, hybrid writing, graphics and translations for our winter 2014 issue.

Theme: "Sacred Words"

Submission deadline: November 30 2013
What is "sacred"? Is the sacred solely the territory of religion or can it also be found in everyday life? How do we elevate the mundane to the sacred?

How do we appropriate sacred objects, rituals, spaces and times and make them our own? Is family sacred? A date on the calendar? The kitchen
table? Let your minds roam and share some of your sacred images and words with us.

Click here for full submission guidelines.

Click here to read our current issue.

Like The Ilanot Review on Facebook.

Now announcing #SacredPosts, a Facebook challenge in which you tell us what "sacred" means to you. Click here to find out more.

Call for Submissions: Postcard Poems and Prose

We are working on our December and January publishing calendars at Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine. We still have a need for seven or eight flash fiction stories (200 words or less) and four or five poems (12-20 lines).

We love it when art to accompanies a submission but, if not, we will work up the appropriate art for pieces we like. When in doubt…send us something. Historically we have accepted 10-15% of what we find in slush. If it’s good, if it’s your best work, if every word carries its weight, then send it to us.

Our website.

Poetry Competition: Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award


$1,000 PRIZE

Final Judge: Dick Davis

Deadline: November 15, 2013

Sponsored by:
The Formalist
Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry

Competition Rules for the 20th annual Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award:

1. Sonnets must be original and unpublished. No translations. Writers may enter as many sonnets as they wish. Sonnet sequences are acceptable, but each sonnet will be considered individually. Entry fee: $3 per sonnet, checks payable to The Formalist. Entry fees from outside the U.S. must be paid in cash — U.S. dollars — or by a check drawn on a U.S. bank. Author's name, address, e-mail address, and phone number should be typed on the BACK of each entry.

2. Final Judge for the 2013 competition will be Dick Davis. The winning poem and eleven finalists will be published in a 2014 issue of Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry.

3. Entries must be sent to the address listed below and postmarked no later than November 15, 2013. Enclose a SASE if you would like to be notified of the contest results. Entries cannot be returned.

All submissions should be sent to:

Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award
The Formalist
320 Hunter Drive
Evansville, IN 47711

Please note: these are the complete guidelines.

Book Competition: New Rivers Press MVP Competition

New Rivers Press MVP Competition
Deadline: November 1, 2013
Entry Fee: $25

E-mail address: 
davisaATmnstateDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)
Two prizes of $1,000 each are given annually for book-length manuscripts of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging writers. The winning works are published by New Rivers Press and distributed nationally through Consortium. 
Submit a poetry manuscript of 50 to 80 pages; a collection of short stories, novellas, or personal essays of 100 to 200 pages; or a novel or memoir of up to 400 pages with a $25 entry fee between September 15 and November 1. Visit the website for complete guidelines. Submissions accepted either as hard copies or via Submittable.

Call for Poetry Comics: Snakeskin

Jessy Randall will guest-edit the February 2014 issue of the online poetry magazine Snakeskin. This year, the theme will be POETRY COMICS. Jessy says:

The genre (if it is one) of poetry comics can be hard to define. The examples below may be more useful than my description. In general, poetry comics are poem-like hand-drawn combinations of text and image, not necessarily well-drawn or funny, though sometimes both. In my opinion, Kenneth Koch was an early practitioner and perhaps invented the idea of poetry comics. These links give examples:

general overview, comicsobserver

Kenneth Koch

Sommer Browning

Max Winter

bunch o’ links

If you think you might be making poetry comics, even if your definition doesn’t match mine, please send 1-5 images (single panel or multi-panel or whatever – the count won’t be strict) to:

jessyrandallATyahooDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Previously-published comics are fine – just say where they first appeared. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Attachments should be jpegs or pdfs. The deadline is December 1.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Writing Competition: Better


Submissions are now open for the first annual Better Prizes in fiction and poetry! One winner in each genre will receive $1,000, plus publication in issue four or five of Better. To enter, prepare a single pdf document containing one of the following: (1) up to five previously unpublished poems, totaling no more than fifteen pages in length, (2) one previously unpublished story no more than ten thousand words in length, or (3) up to five previously unpublished works of flash fiction, totaling no more than ten pages in length. Your name should not appear anywhere in the document.

Once you’ve prepared your entry, cruise on over to Submittable to pay your $15 entry fee.

All entries will be read by at least one of Better’s editors in the applicable genre, plus no fewer than two other screeners. Finalists will be judged by Robert Lopez (in fiction) and Srikanth Reddy (in poetry), and winners will be notified no later than February 28, 2014. Winners will be asked to grant Better First North American Serial and Electronic rights for the work, as well as the rights to publish the work in a future print anthology, as a condition of receiving the prize.

Call for Submissions with Mind & Body theme: Sonora Review

Sonora Review call for submissions:

Body: desire, disorder, identity, injury, transfiguration, amputation, phantom limb syndrome, invasion, abduction, disease, food, excrement, anatomy, healing, disability, autopsy, necrophilia, dopplegangers, cyborgs, twins, tattoos, evolution, decay, death, sex...

Mind: cognition, perception, mis-perception, illusion, emotion, memory, language, neurosis, consciousness, subconsciousness, psychosis, dreams, the afterlife, phantasmagoria, philosophy, brain injury, psychotics, neuroscience, animal intelligence, artificial intelligence, telekinesis...

Our upcoming double-issue will feature explorations of the Mind & Body. We invite you to submit work that connects, separates, interrogates, unpacks, packs up, misinterprets and examines in every which way the body, the mind and their intersections.

Submit here.

Call for Submissions: Looseleaf Tea

Looseleaf Tea is a literature and arts journal aimed toward building awareness and knowledge of the traditions and perspectives of various cultures, humanizing and proliferating those voices.

The journal just released its third issue, the last in this year's series, and it's really great. We're looking for submissions for our next issue now– we're going to be adding bios for accepted authors. All submissions will receive a personal response in a matter of days after extensive deliberation by at least 2 editors. We appreciate your time and consideration.

Call for Poetry Submissions: Backbone Press

Backbone Press is accepting poetry submissions for our online poetry journal. We seek work written by poets of color.

Deadline for the Winter 2013 issue is November 30th.

Please see our submissions page for more information.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Call for Submissions: Pithead Chapel

Pithead Chapel is a monthly online journal of short fiction and nonfiction. We’re currently seeking gutsy narratives up to 4,000 words, and are particularly interested in essays (personal, memoir, lyric, travel, experimental, hybrid, etc.) for upcoming issues.

Please visit us our website to learn more about us and our submission guidelines.

Thank you!

Call for Submissions: Little Patuxent Review SCIENCE issue

Little Patuxent Review is accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork for the Winter 2014 SCIENCE issue, guest edited by Lalita Noronha. Featured interviews will include Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist John C. Mather and poet/biologist Myra Sklarew. With our SCIENCE issue, we challenge you to write with your most exacting eye, your most dogged pursuit of truth, and, of course, your utmost imagination. After all, it takes sensitivity and clarity to observe as Thomas Huxley did, “Science and literature are not two things, but two sides of one thing.”

We are looking for fiction, in particular, with unexpected connections to our SCIENCE theme.

Submit one fiction piece of up to 5000 words, one nonfiction -- creative nonfiction or essay -- piece of up to 3500 words, or a maximum of three poems. Full submission guidelines here.

Deadline: November 1, 2013

Submissions re-open December 1 - March 1 for LPR's first open issue.

Laura Shovan
Little Patuxent Review
6012 Jamina Downs
Columbia, MD 21045

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing Competition: The Baltimore Review: The Future

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s winter contest: The Future. The future of—what? That's entirely up to you. Speculative—sure. Maybe a use of future tense. Simply thinking about the evening ahead. Or about the coming decade or millennium. We're always making plans for the future. We try to predict our futures. We gamble. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. 

Three winners will be selected from among all entries, regardless of genre. All entries considered for publication. Final judge: Reginald Harris. 

Prizes are $500, $200, and $100. 

Entry fee is $10. 

Deadline is November 30, 2013. 

Submit online.

Call for Submissions: Tapestry

The editors of Tapestry, the annual literary magazine of Delta State University, welcome poetry submissions that focus on the Mississippi Delta or small-town southern life. For the Fall, 2014 issue, submissions should be sent as Word attachment between October 15th and December 15th to:

tapestryATdeltastateDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

(Please include in the body of the e-mail complete contact information, including mailing address. Payment will be one copy of the issue in which the accepted work appears.)

Writing Conference Scholarships: Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway

Four scholarships are being offered for first-time participants of the 21st Annual WINTER POETRY & PROSE GETAWAY, January 17-20, 2014 in the Atlantic City area. Recipients may choose from workshops in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir and more, including special advanced sections with Stephen Dunn and Tony Hoagland. In addition, the conference also offers open mics, tutorials, talks, sunrise yoga, dancing at the Getaway Disco and writerly camaraderie.

There are two different categories of scholarships available:

+ The Toni Brown Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Getaway faculty and staff, will offer places to two poets or writers age 31 and over. Deadline: Nov. 15, 2013.

+ The Jan-ai Scholarship will sponsor two poets or writers between the ages of 18 - 30. Deadline: Nov. 30, 2013.

Escape the distractions of your busy life. Advance your craft and energize your writing at the Winter Getaway. Enjoy challenging and supportive sessions, insightful feedback and an encouraging community.

The Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway is presented by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Murphy Writing Seminars, LLC.

Writing Competition: Great Plains Emerging Writer Prize

The Great Plains Emerging Writer Prize, from the Great Plains Writers’ Conference at South Dakota State University, is given annually to a writer of the Great Plains region who has not yet published a book, but whose work and career shows exceptional promise.
* The winner will receive a $1000 honorarium and a featured reading at the conference in Brookings, SD in March, 2014, as well as land travel and lodging. 
* Manuscripts will be judged anonymously by the GPWC committee.

* All genres open; include a maximum of 15 pages of poetry or hybrid-genre work, or a maximum of 20 pages of fiction, nonfiction, drama, or screenplay.

* Work submitted may be previously published, but must be stripped of all information identifying the author or the venue.

* Postmark deadline November 15, 2013.

* Entry fee $15, payable to SDSU / Great Plains Writers’ Conference. Mail to:
English Department 
South Dakota State University, Box 504 (SSB 014) 
Brookings, SD 57007

For queries, contact:

stevenDOTwingateATsdstateDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Call for Submissions from Undergraduate Students: Sun & Sandstone

Sun & Sandstone is open for submissions for the Spring 2014 issue. We are looking for undergraduate works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and one act plays.

For submissions and guidelines, go to our website.

Deadline: April 15th, 2014

Call for Submissions: 3Elements Review

We are now accepting submissions for our second issue! Call for submissions! 3Elements Review is currently accepting fiction, poetry, art, and photography submissions for issue two! They are due on December 1 and the issue will be released on January 1.
For each issue, we require that all three of the current elements be in the piece of writing. The current elements are helix, cower, and hammock.

View submissions guidelines here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Poetry Competition: The Dora and Alexander Raynes Poetry Prize from Jewish Currents

The Dora and Alexander Raynes Poetry Prize from Jewish Currents

One poet will receive $1000 and two poets will receive $180 each for a poem on the theme of Union.
Joan Larkin will judge.

Please note: Poets of all ages, backgrounds, religions/non-religions, and orientations are encouraged to submit.

The three winning poets will have their work featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Jewish Currents, and 36 poets will be included in an anthology to be published Summer 2014 by Blue Thread Communications. All entries will be considered for future publication in the magazine.

Submission fee of $18 includes a one-year subscription or gift subscription to Jewish Currents.

Submit up to 3 poems with your name, address, and email on each page and a check or money order for $18 made out to Jewish Currents postmarked October 15-January 15 to:

Poetry Contest
Jewish Currents
POB 111
Accord NY 12404

You can also submit online.

Fiction Competition: Yemassee's 2013 William Richey Short Fiction Contest

Announcing Yemassee's 2013 William Richey Short Fiction Contest. This year our judge will be acclaimed novelist Emily St. John Mandel. The winning story will receive $500 and publication. We will also publish the two-runner up stories along with a list of ten finalists.

The entry fee is $10 and the deadline is November 22nd.

For more information check out our website.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Call for Submissions: Sliver of Stone

Call for Submissions: Sliver of Stone

Sliver of Stone's seventh issue is now available online. We're also proud to introduce ALL THAT GLITTERS, a (print) Sliver of Stone nonfiction anthology edited by Nicholas Garnett, Corey Ginsberg, and MJ Fievre.

We are a bi-annual, online literary magazine dedicated to the publication of work from both emerging and established poets, writers, and visual artists from all parts of the globe.

Authors featured in this issue include Chanel Brenner and Pamela Schmid. Interviews with John Dufrene, Esther Martinez, and Robert Lee Bailey.

Check out our past contributors, such as Lynne Barrett, Kim Barnes, Joe Clifford, John Dufresne, Denise Duhamel, Allison Joseph, Winty W. Moore, Matthew Sharpe, and many talented others. Past interviews with Edwidge Danticat, Dean Koontz, Susan Orlean, Les Standiford, and Mark Vonnegut.

We're now looking for submissions for our eighth issue!

DEADLINE: January 15, 2014

Call for Creative Nonfiction: Under the Gum Tree

Under the Gum Tree celebrates its 2-year anniversary this month, and to celebrate we are opening submissions for the entire month at no fee. Open submissions end on October 31, 2013 at midnight Eastern Time. Also, submitters receive a complementary digital copy of our current issue.

Under the Gum Tree is a digital literary arts magazine, publishing creative nonfiction: true stories about human interactions -- with each other, with food, with music, with film, that are told in original and beautiful ways. In particular, we are seeking stories related to music, film and food. We strive for authentic connections through vulnerable, personal storytelling. We publish quarterly in both digital and print, and accept submissions year-round. Get a free copy of our premiere issue when you sign up for our newsletter and see we what type of stories we are looking for. For more information and submission guidelines, visit our website.

Call for Submissions: Sugared Water

Sugared Water's reading period is open now through January 1.

Sugared Water is a literary magazine by and for people who love words. This idea was born in graduate school, land of pushing and researching, reading and writing, caffeinated late-night critiques and exhausting, joyful breakthroughs. It was during our own growth as writers (and editors—we’ve all served on other lit mags), that we’ve come to this idea to carve out a hideaway for things that we adore.

If we could candy words, we’d eat them to bellyaches every afternoon. We carry journals and collect chapbooks like Smaug ripping through a gold-sequin disco. If we’re lucky enough to leave something behind that enriches the dialogue of writerly types around the world, so much the better. Send us your stuff—we’ll only hoard it for a little while.

SW seeks prose works of 4,500 words or fewer, with special interest in flash speculative fiction, literary hybrids, and creative nonfiction of various forms. We prefer short poetry (65 lines or fewer) and gravitate toward free verse. Modern sonnets welcome (even broken ones!). We'll consider up to 5 poems.

SW also considers art of all media, including comics and sequential art. Up to 5 pages. Keep in mind that our finished dimensions are: 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

We read via submittable.

Twitter: @sugared_water

Call for Submissions: The Quaker

The Quaker is a national undergraduate journal of literary art published by the Student Writers Guild and the Program in Creative Writing at Malone University in Canton, Ohio.

Submissions link.

Journal link.

We seeks submissions of poetry, fiction, essays, reviews—of good writing in any and all forms.

Publication occurs on a rolling basis, and each semester one author is chosen to be honored with a $100 Editor's Prize for an outstanding contribution to the journal.

Fall consideration deadline: November 30

Call for Submissions: TAB

TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics is reading now for its monthly electronic issues in early 2014. Send a small batch of poems, a short essay on craft or pedagogy, a critical essay, a book review, or an interview. We will consider all writing of or about poetry.

Recent contributors include Hadara Bar-Nadav, Oliver de la Paz, Lauren Camp, Susan Johnson, Jesse Lee Kercheval, and many more. Online submissions only; no submission fee. To find out more and read recent issues, check out TAB at our website.

Essay Competition: Ladies' Home Journal

Annual Ladies' Home Journal personal essay contest — now in its third year!

This year's theme is "The Best Decision I Ever Made," and we're calling for genuine, original essays to be entered between now and December 6, 2013. The winner of our contest will receive $3,000 and the chance to have his/her essay published in Ladies' Home Journal (we reach 10 million women each month!), and work with one of our senior editors on it. In fact, every story is read by an editorial staffer as we judge the entries, and we've published entries that didn't win the contest as well (and paid the writers, of course).

All info about the contest, including instructions for entry can be found here.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Call for Submissions: Paper Tape

Paper Tape is looking for art, stories, essays, interviews, and reviews to be published in early 2014.

The theme for this reading period is Epiphanies.
As always, we appreciate work that stretches the boundaries of our theme, so break out your etymology dictionary and get creative!

Deadline: November 30, 2013

For more information, see our guidelines.

Call for Essays on Writing Craft: Passages North

Contribute to Passages North's online Writers on Writing column.

Send us short essays about how you write, craft tricks you're willing to disclose, frustrations about your muse.

Send us your lamentations and praises. Tell us stories about stories. Share your insider info.

For more information, visit our website.

Call for Submissions: Utter

Utter is an online journal of creative writing and visual arts looking for work for its third issue!

Writers published in Utter have also been published in DIAGRAM, Sixth Finch, Word Riot, The Adroit Journal, Columbia Poetry Review, Ninth Letter, RHINO, Hayden's Ferry Review, Anti-, and Best American Essays, among others. Among our contributors are authors with several books, editors, students, and teachers.

Please visit our website and navigate to our submission manager to submit your work. We hope to get the chance to consider your work for publication.

Call for Submissions: Cutbank

CutBank magazine is now open for submissions! Please consider submitting to our print journal until February 15, and to our new web features at any time.

We welcome original, unpublished work from established and upcoming writers alike. We're looking first and foremost for excellent writing. We love to read, and are always excited to find a piece that startles us, engaging us emotionally and challenging us intellectually. 

For the print version of CutBank, we accept poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Please only submit online; paper submissions will be recycled. Submit unpublished, original work, and include a cover letter with a brief biography.

We’re always happy to accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you withdraw your work immediately via Submittable. We encourage you to read CutBank before submitting. Sample issues are available for $8, one-year subscriptions for $15.

To submit to our print journal, go here.

For details on submitting to our web features, go here.

For more information about CutBank, visit our website.

Call for Submissions from Women: ROAR Magazine

ROAR Magazine is now accepting submissions for our2014 Spring issue, which will include an interview with National Book Award Nominee and Boise, Idaho's Poet Laureate for 2013, Diane Raptosh.

ROAR Magazine is a print literary journal dedicated to providing a space to showcase women’s fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry.

We accept work that represents a wide spectrum of form, language and meaning. In other words, don’t worry if your work isn’t specific to feminist issues. If you’re a gal, we just want your point of view...

For detailed guidelines, please visit our website.

Flash Fiction Competition: Ginosko Flash Fiction Contest

Ginosko Flash Fiction Contest:

$250 Award, $5 entry fee, deadline March 1, 2014.
Submit up to 2 pieces, 800 words maximum each piece.

Final Judges:

Maggie Heaps, Michael Hettich, Gary Lundy, E M Schorb, Larissa Shmailo, Andrena Zawinski, Andrei Guruianu, Robert Paul Cesaretti.

Awarded work will be published in Ginosko Literary Journal.

Guidelines and Eligibility:

The Ginosko Flash Fiction Award is for an unpublished work of flash fiction. Awarded piece is selected through a submission process open to all writers with the following exception: Relatives or individuals having a personal or professional relationship with any of the final judges where they have taken any part whatsoever in shaping the submitted manuscript.

Procedures and Considerations:

Please submit work, along with a brief bio, and cover letter if desired, to:

GinoskoContestATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Attachments must be in .wps, .doc, .rtf, or .pdf form, otherwise they will not be considered (please include last name on every page submitted). Send print submissions to:

Ginosko Literary Journal
PO Box 246
Fairfax, CA 94978

Payment Procedures:

Online submissions will receive emailed invoices via PayPal, though you do not need a PayPal account. Print submissions may send $5 in cash or check (made payable to Ginosko Literary Journal) to the above address.

Call for Submissions: The Survivor's Review

The Survivor’s Review, a not-for-profit online journal encouraging the creative expression of cancer survivors, is seeking stories, essays and poems by those who are intimately familiar with the cancer journey.

If you have written a piece that explores the heart of what it means to be a cancer survivor or caregiver, please consider submitting your work to us at our website. Our word count is flexible, but most of our  features range from 100 to 1,000 words. Please visit the site and contact us with any questions.

Submissions received by November 30 will be considered for our winter issue.

Question: Who is a cancer survivor?
Answer: Anyone living with a history of cancer from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.

Call for Submissions: Blotterature Literary Journal

Blotterature Literary Journal is accepting submissions through November 1st.
For submission guidelines, go here.

Blotterature is a small press online lit journal, started by a few Region Rats who want to see good literature reach a larger audience. Our mission is to merge “the academic” with “the underground,” as there is value in both sides of the spectrum. This means, we strive to publish well-crafted pieces without all the pretension, just as we don’t shock just to shock unless there is something universal in the subtext.

Short Fiction Collection Competition: Press 53 Award for Short Fiction

The Press 53 Award for Short Fiction will be awarded to an outstanding, unpublished collection of short stories. This contest is open to any writer, regardless of his or her publication history, provided the manuscript is written in English and the author lives in the United States.

The Press 53 Award for Short Fiction includes:

Publication by Press 53 of winning short story collection

$1000 cash advance

Travel expenses to Press 53 headquarters for a reading/book launch party at the Community Arts Café in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, on Friday, October 17, 2014

Attendance as our special guest to the Press 53/Prime Number Magazine Gathering of Writers on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Submission period: September 1 – December 31, 2013.

Reading Fee: $30

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Writing Competition: 2014 Crab Orchard Review Special Issue Feature Awards

2014 CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW Special Issue Feature Awards in Poetry, Fiction, & Literary Nonfiction
Submissions Link.
Magazine website.
$1,500 prize in each genre
All Entries must be submitted through SUBMITTABLE.

October 1, 2013 – November 15, 2013
Entry Fee: $22.50 per initial entry
(additional entries $10.00; up to two additional entries)
All entrants receive a year’s subscription ($20.00)
(additional entries receive one back issue each entry)


Entries should fit the topic the CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW Summer/Fall 2014 special issue, “The West Coast and Beyond,” focusing on writing exploring the people, places, history, and changes shaping these U.S. States, Commonwealths, and Territories: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the United States Virgin Islands, and other areas which have been a part of the United States beyond the Lower 48 States (excepting those States listed here).

One winner in each genre category—Poetry, Fiction, and Literary Nonfiction—will be selected by the editors of Crab Orchard Review to be published in the issue and receive a $1500.00 award. The editors are looking for the work in each genre that best embodies the topic of the special issue. Entries must be previously unpublished*, original work written in English by a United States citizen or permanent resident (current students and employees at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are not eligible). The author's name should not appear on any page.

All entries must be submitted online between October 1, 2013 and the end of November 15, 2013 (entries will be accepted online until 11:59:59 PM (PST) on November 15, 2013). All entrants will receive notification of the results by email by December 15, 2013.

All entries will also be considered for publication in the Summer/Fall 2014 special issue, “The West Coast and Beyond.” Regular Crab Orchard Review contributor’s payment rates ($25 (US) per magazine page. $50 minimum for poetry; $100 minimum for prose) apply to any accepted work that is not a genre winner.
We hope to make all editorial decisions for the issue by the end of January 2014.


Poetry entries should consist of one poem up to five pages in length (this is a change in the entry instructions from last year**).

Prose entry length: up to 6000 words for fiction and up to 6500 words for literary nonfiction.

One initial Special Issue Feature Award poetry entry, or one story entry in fiction, or one essay entry in literary nonfiction per $22.50 online entry fee. If you wish to enter a 2nd or 3rd entry, please follow the instructions for a 2nd or 3rd entry and use the "2nd or 3rd Special Issue Feature Award Entry." Entering a 2nd or 3rd entry will each cost $10.00. A writer may send up to three entries in one genre or a total of three entries if entering all competitions, but please do not submit more than three entries total.

The initial $22.50 fee entitles entrant to one copy of the 2014 Winter/Spring issue of CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW, and one copy of the 2014 Summer/Fall issue of CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW, our special issue "The West Coast and Beyond,” which will include the winners of these competitions. If you already have a CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW subscription we will extend your subscription for one additional year.

If you submit two or three entries, please use the entry link for "2nd or 3rd Special Issue Feature Award Entry." Entering a 2nd or 3rd entry will each cost $10.00 and will entitle you to one of the following past issues of CRAB ORCHARD.

—Crab Orchard Review Vol. 15, No. 2, our special fifteenth anniversary issue "Land of Lincoln ~ Writing about and from Illinois"
—Crab Orchard Review, Vol. 16, No. 1
—Crab Orchard Review Vol. 16, No. 2, our special issue "Old & New ~ Re-Visions of the American South"
—Crab Orchard Review, Vol. 17, No. 1

—Crab Orchard Review Vol. 17, No. 2, our special issue "Due North"
Please indicate the back issue you wish to receive for a 2nd or 3rd Special Issue Feature Award entry in your cover letter through Submittable.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Call for Fiction: The Beloit Fiction Journal

The Beloit Fiction Journal publishes the best in contemporary short fiction. Work first appearing in the BFJ has been reprinted in award-winning collections, including the forthcoming Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. Stories have gone on to receive the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, the Milkweed National Fiction Prize, and the Iowa Short Fiction award. The BFJ has published work by Rick Bass, Mariette Ansay, Denise Lehane, Maura Stanton, and Mark Wisniewski.

We are open to literary fiction on any subject or theme. Stories may be from one to sixty pages in length, though longer pieces will have a more difficult time finding acceptance than shorter ones. Open reading period from Aug. 1st – Dec. 1st.

For more information on guidelines and submission instructions, visit our website

Writing Competition: Mississippi Review

Our annual contest awards prizes of $1,000 in fiction and poetry. Winners and finalists will make up next winter's print issue of the national literary magazine Mississippi Review. Contest is open to all writers in English except current or former students or employees of The University of Southern Mississippi.

Fiction entries should be 1,000-8,000 words and poetry entries should be 3-5 poems totaling 10 pages or less. There is no limit on the number of entries you may submit.

Paper entry fee is $15 per entry, payable by check or money order to "Mississippi Review". Online submission entry fee is $16, payable through Submittable.

Each entrant will receive a copy of the prize issue. No manuscripts will be returned. Previously published work is ineligible. Contest opens August 1st and the deadline is December 1st. Winners will be announced in early March and publication is scheduled for June of 2014.

Entries should have "MR Prize," author name, address, phone, e-mail and title of work on page one.

Send paper entries to:

Mississippi Review Prize 2014
118 College Drive #5144
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39406-0001

For more information on the magazine and past contests, please visit our website.

Call for Submissions: Bellingham Review

Bellingham Review is a nonprofit literary arts magazine affiliated with Western Washington University and its Creative Writing MFA Program. Our yearly print edition is published in the spring; our online edition is published in the fall.

The editors welcome submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, author interviews, and black-and-white photography. There are no limitations on form or subject matter. Prose must be under 6,000 words (Please indicate the approximate word count on prose pieces.) For submissions longer than 6,000 words, please send a query with a brief description of the work. Novel excerpts are acceptable but must be able to stand alone. The editors prefer poetry submissions of up to three poems per submission.

Bellingham Review’s submission period runs from September 15th through December 1st. We now accept online submissions only, via Submittable. We will no longer accept mailed submissions. Please see the online contest guidelines for the dates of our annual literary contests.

All electronic submissions should follow the directions available on Submittable and should be titled with the name of the work. Authors will receive confirmation of receipt of their work, as well as our final decision, through email.

Please do not submit additional work until you hear back from the editors on work currently under consideration. Reporting time normally varies from one to six months.

Simultaneous submissions are considered, as long as Bellingham Review is notified immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Please withdraw all electronic submission through Submittable. All submissions must be previously unpublished in North America.

If you are a current student at WWU, or have been a student within the last 2 years, please do not submit to Bellingham Review. You may enter your work 2 years after your last year of attendance at WWU.

For contest winners, we pay a small honorarium upon publication, as funds permit, though we cannot guarantee cash payment. All contributors receive one copy of the issue in which their work appears, along with a gift subscription for a friend or family member. A discount rate on further copies will be available for contributors.

Call for Poetry Readings: Women Made Gallery Literary Series

Call for Poetry: Woman Made Gallery Literary Series
Theme: Of the Land
Date: Sunday, December 8, 2013 / 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Place: 685 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL

We are seeing work that addresses all aspects of the theme of LAND:

Through history, connotations of the word LAND have ranged from the political and economic, to the emotional and romantic. Poems on this theme might invoke landscape, environmentalism, ethnic or national identity, imperialism, wealth and ownership, revolution and redistribution, land as food source, home and community, inclusion and exclusion, and, of course, the physical/natural earth itself.

Selections will be made with an eye to assembling a program that represents a diversity of poets, styles, and approaches to the theme.

Selected poets MUST be available to read in person. Please send 4 – 6 poems on the theme ALONG WITH a 50 to 75 word bio, IN THE BODY OF AN E-MAIL to:

 gallery(at)womanmade.org (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

by October 20, 12:01 a.m.. We will make every effort to inform those chosen of our decision by October 30. Although we can't afford to pay readers, this is a great opportunity to sell books and read with other talented people in a very special environment.

Read more about poetry events at Woman Made Gallery here.

Call for Poetry: It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop

It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop

This anthology will be one of the first that focuses on poets who use hip-hop culture in their works. We believe this collection will fill a major void in the discussion of music and poetry. We want poems that engage or reference hip-hop in a variety of ways, from the music and artists to the clothing, dancing, and culture as a whole. We also hope to see a variety of poetic forms. We hope this anthology will be a valuable teaching tool and a resource for writers, readers, and fans of either genre (poetry or hip-hop).

We ask that poets submit their work here.

Poets are asked to submit 2-4 poems in a single document. Submissions will close on December 31, 2013. If a poet’s work is selected for inclusion in the anthology, we will then ask for an accompanying process note and writing prompt to go along with the work.

Any questions about the submission process should be directed to:

hiphoppoetryanthologyATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Jason McCall
P. J. Williams

Call for Creative Nonfiction Submissions: New Delta Review

New Delta Review is seeking to increase the presence of the nonfiction genre in its literary magazine. We are interested in personal essays that either elevate the form or challenge it through experimentation. We accept both online and print submissions (6,000 word limit). To be considered for our Winter 2013 edition, please send work by October 22, 2013.

For more information, please visit our website.

New Delta Review is a literary journal produced by graduate students in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Louisiana State University. Since 1984, NDR has published the work of emerging and established writers. Each issue includes original fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, reviews, interviews, and artwork. During our more than 25 years in publication, authors of international renown–National Book Award finalist Patricia Smith, Puschcart Prize-winning Stacey Richter, and former Poet Laureate Billy Collins, to name a few–have shared our pages with tomorrow’s literary stars. Our contributors are regularly included in anthologies such as Best American Short Stories, New Stories from the South, and Best American Poetry.

Call for Submissions: Glassworks

Glassworks, the literary magazine of Rowan University’s Master of Arts in Writing graduate program, is seeking work to be considered for publication. Glassworks publis hes creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, hybrid pieces, craft essays, new media, and art both digitally and in print. We are currently reading until December 15, 2013.

More information about our magazine, sample issues, and our submission manager can be found at our website.

Creative Nonfiction Competition: 2014 Judith Kitchen Creative Nonfiction Prize

Water~Stone Review


Water~Stone Review announces the 2014 Judith Kitchen Prize in Creative Nonfiction in honor of Judith Kitchen, distinguished author and long-time friend of the review, whose nonfiction titles include Distance and Direction(Coffeehouse) and Only the Dance (U. of South Carolina). Kitchen is the editor of three, well-known collections of short essays: In Short, In Brief, and Short Takes (W.W. Norton) and reviewed creative nonfiction in Water~Stone Review, vol. 2-12.

All submissions should be original, unpublished work.
Submissions accepted October 1-December 1, 2013.

Literary nonfiction submissions only. Excerpts from larger works must be able to stand on their own. Mailed manuscripts must be typed or printed in proper format on white paper, in English, one side only. Cover letters should be brief and indicate that this is a contest submission. The author’s name, address, phone, and email should not appear on the manuscript. Please send three copies and a SASE for result notification, if mailing your submission. Only one submission per person. Maximum length: 8,000 words.

An entry fee of $20 (check made payable to Water~Stone Review) must accompany your manuscript. Entry fee includes a one-year subscription.

Submit online.

Mailed submissions and correspondence should be sent to:

Creative Nonfiction Prize, Water~Stone Review
The Creative Writing Programs
Hamline University
1536 Hewitt Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55104-1284

Writer-in-Residence: The Paris Review


In partnership with The Paris Review, the Standard, East Village is pleased to announce its first Writer-in-Residence.

For the first three weeks in January 2014, the Standard, East Village will provide a room free of charge to a writer who has a book under contract and needs three weeks of solitude in downtown New York City. Applications will be judged by the editors of The Paris Review and Standard Culture. All applications should be submitted electronically to:

residencyATtheparisreviewDOTorg (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Each application should include:

1) A description and sample of the work-in-progress, not exceeding fifty pages total.

2) A letter from the publisher confirming that the work is under contract.

3) A brief letter from the writer explaining how this residency would benefit his or her work-in-progress.

Writers may also submit samples of previous work. This is optional. Samples should not exceed fifty pages total.

The deadline for the application is November 1, 2013.

The residency is open to writers of prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction. Continental breakfast (and unlimited coffee) will be provided daily free of charge; all additional incidental charges (room service, etc.) will be incurred by the guest. All rooms are nonsmoking. The Standard, East Village and The Paris Review will be pleased to hold a small reception in the writer’s honor at the conclusion of the stay. It is expected that the writer will stay alone, within reason.