Monday, August 14, 2017

Writing and Teaching Fellowship: The Kenyon Review

The Kenyon Review offers an extraordinary opportunity to writers who have embarked on promising careers: a two-year fellowship devoted to creative and professional development within Kenyon’s vibrant literary community. This two-year postgraduate position is intended for creative writers who have already completed the MFA or PhD degree and are seeking time to develop as writers, teachers, and editors. 

The fellowship begins in August 2018. Applications will be accepted from August 15 through September 15, 2017.

Call for Submissions: Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry

Call for submissions -- Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry
Our submission period runs from Aug. 1 - Oct. 1 for our second annual issue (April 2018).

Presence, an international journal planned for annual print publication each spring, is an independent journal affiliated with the Department of English, Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ, and edited by Mary Ann B. Miller, editor of the anthology, St. Peter's B-list: Contemporary Poems Inspired by the Saints (Ave Maria, 2014). Our new associate editor is Lois Roma-Deeley. Advisory Board members are Susanne Paola Antonetta, William Baer, Paul Contino, Dana Gioia, Paul Mariani, Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, and Judith Valente. We publish poems on the basis of their artistic excellence, rather than on the basis of the author's professed creed or because the subject matter is explicitly Catholic. The poems in this journal convey God’s presence in any number of ways—by exploring the intersection of matter and spirit, by depicting the struggle between belief and doubt, by questioning the faith, being surprised by it, taking joy in it, even finding humor in it. We encourage contributors to refer to our mission statement when selecting poems for submission.

Please send up to five unpublished poems, no more than two pages in length, in a single Word file, Times New Roman font (12-point). There is no fee for submission. 
Be sure that your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address appear at the top of every page of the file. The first page of the file should be a short cover letter in which you clearly state your intention to be published in the journal and provide a brief bio, as outlined on our website. 
Please attach the file to an email to the editor at:
mmillerATcaldwellDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )
with the following subject line: "Submit poems to Presence." Each contributor will receive one complimentary copy of the issue. No monetary payment is possible at this time.
Our mission statement and further submission guidelines may be found on our website

Call for Submissions: Zingara Poetry Review

Zingara Poetry Review seeks submissions of previously unpublished poems (on-line or in print) of 40 lines or fewer for 2017/2018 picks. New, emerging, and established poets are encouraged to submit and all submissions will be given careful consideration.

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your best poems to:

ZingarapoetATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

  • Reading period for Zingara Poetry Picks for the last quarter of 2017 (October-December) and the first quarter of 2018 (January-March) is OPEN until August 31, 2017.
  • There are no fees to submit.
  • The title of your poem(s) should appear in the email subject line. Poems should be attached as unprotected word documents and mailed to:
  zingarapoetATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )
  • The body of the email can include a brief cover letter and a professional biography of 50 words or fewer written in the third person.
  • Attach a word document with no more than three poems of 40 or fewer lines
  • Only one submission at a time (please wait to hear back before submitting more poems).
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let Zingra Poet know immediately if submitted wor k is accepted elsewhere.
  • Published poets receive bragging rights and the chance to share their work with a diverse and ever-growing audience.
  • Poets who are published on Zingara Poetry Pick should wait 12 months before submitting again.
  • Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will be disregarded.
  • If accepted work is later published elsewhere, please acknowledge that the piece first appeared on Zingara Poetry Review.

Writing Competition: Consequence Magazine

CONSEQUENCE Magazine seeks submissions for the 2017 Women Writing War Award in Poetry. $250 Honorarium and Publication. JUDGE: Danielle Legros Georges. The contest is open to women and those identifying as women. Entries must capture the nuances of the cultures and consequences of war. 
The $10 contest entry fee is non-refundable.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 1, 2017. Submit your work here.

CONSEQUENCE Magazine seeks submissions for the 2017 Women Writing War Award in Fiction. $250 Honorarium and Publication. JUDGE: Siobhan Fallon. The contest is open to women and those identifying as women. Entries must capture the nuances of the cultures and consequences of war. 
The $10 contest entry fee is non-refundable.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 1, 2017. Submit your fiction here.

Call for Submissions from Homeschooled Writers: Seshat

Deadline: September 1, 2017

Seshat is looking to release its inaugural issue this fall. We are accepting poetry, fiction (up to 7500 words), and non-fiction (up to 7500 words). No submission fee. We are mostly looking for young writers who are homeschooled or have been homeschooled in the past. However, all ages (13+) are encouraged to submit to this journal.

Visit our website for more details.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Maribel C. Pagan
Founder of Seshat Literary Magazine

Call for Submissions: Grist

Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts is open for submissions!

Grist's reading period for craft essays, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for our print and online issues is open until September 15, and we pay all the writers we publish.

For an idea of what our journal is like, read some of our online issues or the sample pieces from our most recent print issue. 

To submit, see our guidelines here.

Webinar: Creating Captivating Characters

Jeanne Lyet-Gassman   Please join me for my webinar, "Creating Captivating Characters," hosted by Author Learning Center! The session will be presented live twice, once on August 23, 2017, 1:30-2:30 p.m. EDT and once on September 13, 2017, 7:30-8:30 p.m. EDT.

Strong stories need a plot, a setting, and most importantly, engaging characters. Agents and editors will tell you that all stories are character-driven. However, if your characters are stereotypes, one-dimensional, or predictable, the reader will soon lose interest. Readers are engaged with characters who are relatable, flawed, and unique. But how do you accomplish that in fiction? In this webinar, we will look at the tricks you can use to create strong, memorable characters that are supported by a fascinating cast. We will address a number of different character crafting techniques, including: defining your characters' formative years, understanding body language and the use of physical space, how opposites create tension and interest, using dialogue to illustrate emotions and need, and how to make troubled characters likable. In addition to the presentation, there will be resource handouts available for download.

To sign up for the August 23 session, go here

To sign up for the September 13 webinar, go here.

Thanks! Hope to see you there!