Saturday, May 23, 2015

Poetry First Book Contest: Crab Orchard Series in Poetry

Below are the guidelines for the 2015 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award (online submissions only):

A first book of poems will be selected for publication from an open competition of manuscripts, in English, by a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or person who has DACA/TPS status who has neither published, nor committed to publish, a volume of poetry 48 pages or more in length in an edition of over 500 copies* (individual poems may have been previously published; for the purposes of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry, a manuscript which was in whole or in part submitted as a thesis or dissertation as a requirement for the completion of a degree is considered unpublished and is eligible). Current or former students, colleagues, and close friends of the final judge, and current and former students and employees of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and authors who have published a book with Southern Illinois University Press or have a book under contract with Southern Illinois University Press are not eligible. For questions about judging, please visit our website.

The winner will receive a publication contract with Southern Illinois University Press, and will be awarded a $2500 prize. The winner will also receive $1500 as an honorarium for a reading at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
SUBMISSION PERIOD / DEADLINE: All entries must submitted online between May 15, 2015 and the end of July 8, 2015 (online entries will be accepted until 11:59:59 PM (PDT) on July 8, 2015). Please do not make revisions once your work is submitted; the winner will be given an opportunity to work with the series editor before the manuscript is delivered to SIU Press.

ENTRY FEE: $20.00 per entry (online submissions only through Submittable). Entry fees will not be refunded for manuscripts withdrawn by the author. All entrants will receive a single copy of the 2016 Winter/Spring CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW.

PAGE LENGTH: Manuscripts are recommended to be a minimum of 50 pages to a recommended maximum of 75 pages of original poetry.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMISSIONS: All entries should be made online through Submittable. The entry fee for each entry is $20.00. Payment for submissions must be made online.

Please submit your file in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .odt, or .wpf. 12-point font, Times New Roman or Times preferred. Manuscripts should be single-spaced. Include a Table of Contents. No more than one poem should appear on a page.

Submit a single title page with only the manuscript title in your file.

The author's name should appear nowhere in your file or in the file name. Your Submittable profile will include your name, address, phone, and e-mail so it should not appear in either your file name or your manuscript.

In the place of the cover letter or biographical note in the submission process, an acknowledgments page listing poems previously published in magazines, journals, or anthologies can be submitted as your cover letter in Submittable. THIS SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE MANUSCRIPT FILE.

Please name your file the manuscript title. If your manuscript title is long, name your file the first four words.

All entrants will be notified of the results via e-mail by October 1, 2015. 

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSION: Manuscripts may be under consideration elsewhere, but the series editor must be informed immediately if a collection is accepted for publication. Entry fees will not be refunded for manuscripts withdrawn by the author.

Entrants are not to contact the final judge under any circumstances; all questions should be directed to Jon Tribble, Series Editor of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry. 


jtribbleATsiuDOTedu (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Call for Chapbook Submissions: Hyacinth Girl Press

Hyacinth Girl Press will hold our open reading period for 2015 from April 1st - June 30th. Submitting is fee-free because classism makes us sad.

This year we're taking poetry AND prose chapbooks! The fabulous Sarah Reck will head up our very first prose venture. As always, Margaret Bashaar will read your poetry, and this year Tess Wilson-Gay will also read your poetry.


- up to 25 pages of poetry, max. Seriously. No more than that.
- No previously published manuscripts. (individual poems are fine, though, obviously. We aren't fascists.)
- We like cover letters and a bio.
- Did we accept your manuscript last year? Yes? Wait a year before sending to us again.
- Send your manuscript as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf to:

 hyacinthgirlpressATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

- up to 8,000 words, max.
- Any combination of short stories or flash fiction should be read as a collection
- Same as above otherwise, except all submissions should be sent to:

hgp.proseATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

What are we into? The best way to know is to buy a chapbook from us (they are only $6). That said, here is a list of what we are hoping to see more of in poetry-land:

- Poets of color.
- Queer poets
- Poets working/existing outside of academia

We'll be open for 3 months, which will hopefully mean our most fruitful submissions period yet. We are incredibly excited to read your work!

Seeking Staff: Drunken Boat

Open Positions at Drunken Boat (positions open until filled)
Drunken Boat, one of the world's oldest electronic journals of the arts and the winner of a South by Southwest Web Award, is adding to our staff. We’ve been publishing an immense variety of work, especially innovative and experimental literature and arts, since 1999. We are an entirely volunteer staff, dedicated to literature and art and the internet (well, more like literature and the art on the internet, but we’re fans of the medium too). According to The Review Review : “ Drunken Boat is, or should be, central to any discussion of literature online or online literature . . . Drunken Boat is a . . . beautifully presented, carefully maintained space.”

Applicants with familiarity with working online and working in publishing are preferred. This is a great opportunity to be involved with an independent publisher that publishes books and a highly-acclaimed journal and that reaches over a hundred thousand unique visitors annually worldwide. If you’re interested, please send a CV and cover letter describing your interest to Managing Editor T.M. De Vos at:

editorATdrunkenboatDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

Publicity & Marketing Director

Responsible for implementing our publicity and marketing strategy through traditional and new media outlets. This is a senior-level position, requiring a time commitment of approximately 5-7 hours a week. Responsible for overseeing promotion and social media staff in collaboration with the Assistant Managing Editor; selling and exchanging online ads; scheduling issue-launch publicity; maintaining Drunken Boat's Twitter and Facebook accounts according to best practices; and developing and maintaining ongoing social media campaigns.

Director of Development

Responsible for long-term financial planning for the organization in collaboration with the Founding and Managing Editors, including developing fundraising initiatives and campaigns; soliciting donations; writing grant statements and narratives; creating an annual grant application schedule; and working with senior editorial staff and advisory board to develop funding opportunities. This is a senior-level position, requiring a time commitment of approximately 5-7 hours a week.

Call for Sumissions on the Theme of Revenge: The River Styx

We just decided our next themed issue: The River Styx Guide to Revenge. We’re not sure what it will look like: Voodoo spells? High school football team benchwarmers relishing a fresh ten upon graduation? A long happy life lived down the street from a miserable ex? We figure revenge might have as many flavors as an all-you-can-eat buffet, from sweet to bittersweet to savory to empty. But we’re excited to see what we’ll get.

We will accept submissions for this issue during the month of June 2015 only. Please send any vengeance, whatever flavor, shape, or size, to:

The River Styx Guide to Revenge
River Styx
3547 Olive Street
Suite 107
St. Louis, MO 63103

Please don’t forget to address it to “The River Styx Guide to Revenge”! Every now and then we still find a submission for our American Odes issue in our regular submissions, and that issue came out last year. If you don’t tell us what it is, it can be hard to find in our usual flood of submissions.

River Styx publishes one themed issue per year. In 2012, our theme was The End of the World. Our 2013 theme was American Odes.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wordsmith Studio 3rd Anniversary Blog Hop

During a Tweet chat with Wordsmith Studio the other day, my friend Elissa reminded me that I had been invited to participate in their Blog Hop, an event that was supposed to end about a week ago. But their questions were so interesting that I couldn't resist! Thanks for the invite, Wordsmith Studio! Sorry about the late post!

1) What are you currently working on?
Aside from promoting my debut novel, Blood of a Stone, I'm working on two major projects. The first one is my second novel, a story set in the mid-twentieth century about a family whose lives are intertwined with the atomic bomb tests in Nevada during the 1950s and 1960s. My other big project is a collection of short stories, all centering on the theme of bad mother/child relationships.

2) For past work, what was your greatest joy or greatest challenge?
Since Blood of a Stone is my debut novel, this work has probably been both my greatest joy and my greatest challenge. It was a joy to complete this book and bring it out into the world. I was so grateful to work with a wonderful editor who taught me so much about revision, and my publisher has crafted a beautiful product I'm very proud of. My greatest challenge was getting this same book published. It took over seven years to write the book, and I queried almost 200 agents before I found a small press that believed in the book and wanted to publish it.

3) For current work, what challenge are you working through now?
As I complete a draft of my new novel, I'm very aware of how much I learned during the revisions of the previous book. I can see flaws, particularly in character development, that will need to be fleshed out during revisions of this new book. I'm also much more aware of structure and pacing. I have some good ideas on how to fix the problems. I just need to find time to work on them.

4) For work you are just planning or starting, what challenges or growth are you expecting or hoping to encounter?
For the collection of short stories, I hope to make my short fiction more precise.

5) What have successes or challenges in your work (recently) taught you?
The value of persistence. Don't let small failures stop you from chasing the bigger success. Good writers never stop learning and never stop writing. All of these things contribute to your growth as an artist.

6) What obstacles or challenges have you not been able to overcome, or still frustrate you?
Time management. I work very hard to set goals and reach them, but there always seem to be more things on my to-do list than I can finish. If I had a magic wand (or more money), I would hire an assistant to shield me from people's demands and to take of the business side of writing.

7) How would you describe a great writing day (or week)?
A great writing day is when I produce creative work. It doesn't matter how many pages, as long as I'm satisfied with the result. I set daily goals, weekly goals, and long-term goals. In general, I tend to be deadline oriented. I work well with the idea that X has to be finished by a certain date.
Thanks, Wordsmith Studio, for inviting to share on the blog hop. This was fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Seeking Associate Editor and Business Manager: The Sun

The Sun
We’re patiently looking for two people who are just right for the jobs listed below. Could one of them be you — or someone you know? Click the links below to apply online.

We need a full-time Business Manager to oversee accounting, payroll, and benefits — a job that requires a head for numbers and a heart for all that The Sun represents. We also have an opening for an Associate Editor, whose responsibilities include substantial, hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves editing as well as soliciting work from writers.

Both jobs are full time and based in our Chapel Hill, North Carolina, office. The positions will remain open until filled. (No e-mails, phone calls, faxes, or surprise visits, please.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Call for Conference Proposals: Other Words 2015 Lyrics and Lyricism

Other Words 2015: Lyrics and Lyricism

The 2015 Other Words Conference is almost up and running and we want to see your proposals. Our theme for this year's conference is Music, Songs, Lyrics, Lyricism, Songs and Writing, Songs in Literary Works, Music as Writing, Writing About Music and Musicians, Songs about Literature .... However, we will also entertain panel proposals about ideas other than the theme ideas above. Please note that --

We prefer panel proposals that include panel participants rather than solo panel proposals. And finally, we prefer panel proposals about writing, publishing, editing and other "writerly" activities rather than academic/lit crit topics.

So far, our two featured writers for 2015 conference are Ed Ward and Jacki Lyden. Ward is the rock and roll historian on NPR's Fresh Air and the author of numerous books, articles and blogs about music and musicians. Jacki Lyden had a long career as a correspondent on NPR and is now working on her own production company called THE SEAMS. She has a new memoir, Dark and Lovely.

We will post more information soon about registration, lodging and other matters on the Other Words website.

The deadline for submitting proposals is June 1.

Conference dates are November 5-7, and it will be held at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL.

Submit panels here.