Saturday, September 17, 2016

Writing Competition for Mystery/Romance/Suspense Short Fiction: Collaborative Writing Challenge

CWC - Collaborative Writing Challenge is delighted to announce we have opened up a unique opportunity to feature a short story as a stand alone piece in one of our upcoming novels.

Our next collaborative novel: The Map, is set to be published in December 2016, and falls under the Mystery/Romance/Suspense Genre. Short story submissions must also be fiction and in this genre.

The deadline is 30th September 2016.

Max word count is 3500.

The successful story will be published at the end of the book, with full credit and links to your persoanl/business pages. You will also recieve a paperback copy of The Map once it is released, and it will be featured on the CWC website.

Due to the short submission period, we have set the submission fee at only $5 per piece.

Please read our complete guidelines here.

Best of luck!

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