Saturday, September 10, 2016

Call for Submissions on Theme of "State of the Union": Iron Horse Literary Review

Iron Horse Literary Review is kicking off this production year by opening our submission gates to our State of the Union Issue. We're looking for poems, stories, and essays that focus upon the potential of unity and union, the splendor of diversity, the belief in progress.

We're also considering those darker manuscripts that contemplate moments when we have failed. So our State of the Union issue will mourn when we have foundered but will look forward to tomorrow . . . because we aren't interested in going backward to "again." History repeating itself is rarely a good idea. So send us your work--literary, artistic, grounded in reality (or the surreal!), and not sermons on the obvious but rather manuscripts that deliver maverick scenes and stories and people so distinctive no one can deny them.

Submit now through Sept 23 online here.

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