Friday, July 3, 2015

Call for Submissions on the Theme of Shame: Origins Journal

Origins Journal is currently accepting submissions for our themed Fall 2015 issue exploring the origins of shame. The deadline for this themed issue is August 1, 2015, and will be available in the fall both in print via our partner Politics & Prose or as a digital download. We also accept rolling general submissions in all categories throughout the year. With some exceptions, general submissions are considered for Origins Online. As is the case with any literary magazine, familiarity with our journal will give you a sense of what we like.
We consider submissions in the following categories:
Fiction: Origins publishes high quality fiction characterized by interest in language, development of distinctive settings, and the perturbation of unique characters.
Nonfiction: We look for distinctive topical essays and creative nonfiction of any kind. Please keep in mind that topical essays should be written for a general audience (We are not interested in academic pieces).
Flash Fiction: Fiction under 600 words for our biweekly online column, The Free Radical, which will launch this summer.
Poetry: All verse formats and subjects are considered. Originality and precision of language are important to us. Please submit no more than three poems.
Translation: We consider translations of poetry and short fiction. Along with the English translation, please also submit a brief biography of the author along with the poem/story in its language of origin.
We do not charge a submission fee, though you have the option of paying $5.00 for an expedited response to any submission, $10.00 for detailed feedback on your prose submission, or $3.00 because you are an extremely generous and dedicated patron of the arts. We do accept simultaneous submissions.
This is NOT a comprehensive list of our guidelines - please read our entire submission page for full details prior to submitting.

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