Friday, July 3, 2015

Call for Nonfiction Submissions on Theme of Obituary: Proximity

PROXIMITY Issue 8 theme: Obituary
Issue Editor: Maggie Messitt
Deadline: August 7, 2015

For its eighth issue, Proximity is looking for new essays, images, and multimedia pieces on the theme of OBITUARY. 
We’re interested in true stories that pen memory (dare I say ‘memorialize'), eulogize, or craft an elegy. Ultimately, these are all ways of capturing the past—a person, place, or thing that is no longer with us. We’re not looking for perfect pictures, rather authentic and complex portraits of past life whether that be in a building no longer standing (or decaying before our eyes), an object long lost, an individual missing or passed, a time or place that no longer exists. We’re looking for you to push and play with form, to find unique ways into unique subjects. And, not to forget, as a publication seeking a strong sense of place, we ask that you keep this in mind as you craft your alternative obituaries. Ask yourself, how does this person/place/thing convey the character of place as much as your subject of choice?
Submission portal.
General Guidelines:
Submissions must be previously unpublished and submitted to Proximity for publication in one of the following categories: long-form (6,000 words maximum), mid-range (2,000 words maximum), flash (500 words maximum), or photo essay/multimedia. Multiple submissions and alternative forms of true stories are welcome and encouraged. ** 
See the Proximity website for frequently asked questions. 
Direct any issue specific questions to:
maggieATproximitymagazineDOTorg (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

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