Thursday, July 9, 2015

Call for Stories of Regret and General Misbehavior: I've Done Bad Things

Call For Confessions!

I’ve Done Bad Things is a small independent zine out of Greensboro, NC looking for anonymous writers willing to share some of their past regrets and misbehaviors. The first issue has been a great success and something we are proud of. It exists only in a physical form, and can be ordered online. We do hope to expand into a few bookstores soon.

Right now our greatest challenge is gathering stories. By visiting our website, you can submit a story 100% anonymously. We don’t want to know who you are. Trust me, it’s better that way. So far stories have varied from humorous to downright depressing and we love it. We just need more stories!

Also, on the website, you can order the first issue for 10 bucks just scroll all the way down.

Thanks so much,
Pete & Jon

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