Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Call for Submissions: Weave

Weave Magazine is now open to all submissions for its 7th issue. A print publication dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, Weave accepts the best works of literary fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, drama, and visual art that transfix, transport, and inspire.

Deadline: July 31, 2011

Poetry: 3-5 poems
Nonfiction* & Fiction: less than 3000 words
Flash Non/Fiction: less than 1000 words
Drama: less than 4,000 words
Reviews: less than 2000 words
Visual art: Black and white only

Detailed submissions guidelines can be found here.

More about Weave:
*Call for Creative Nonfiction submissions: Weave magazine accepts works of creative nonfiction from both emerging and established writers who strike a careful balance between the truth as it happened and the truth as the author has come to see it through the writing process. In other words, to simply tell a story that is "true" is not enough. The best creative nonfiction will demonstrate a close and methodical exploration of a subject and streamline that exploration through a rich, scenic narrative. Childhood memories, ended relationships, the birth of a child, the funeral of a dog, a trip abroad--quite literally any life experience can be turned into narrative. But the challenge--and reward--of writing creative nonfiction is in the "figuring out" of what it means in terms both personal and universal. In terms of content, Weave is looking for strong voices from diverse cultural backgrounds; however, the quality of work is our top priority when considering submissions.

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