Saturday, January 23, 2016

Call for Submissions on "Leaving Home": Pentimento

Pentimento, a disability-related journal, welcomes writing for its seventh issue for the summer of 2016 whose theme is “Leaving Home.”

We accept writing that does not concern the theme.

Pentimento is committed to sharing deeply personal, affecting, and moving pieces concerning disability. We accept nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, and photography. We also accept nonfiction for our column, “Readers’ Pen,” which must concern the issue’s theme as it relates to disability.

We accept work from three audiences:
>The disabled community itself
> Anyone connected to the disabled community—parent, spouse, caregiver, friend, medical, therapy, etc.
>Disabled writers under eighteen.

We do not have any specific aesthetic criteria, except to say that we seek pieces of quality that demonstrate the writer’s close attention to the piece. We publish honest writing that doesn't shrink from things that hurt, or reveal too much, or anything in between. Writers are free to submit material that addresses the topic of disability in any range—from serious to humorous, from the personal to the political, and from the private to the public.

We strongly prefer unpublished writing, although we will occasionally accept previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as you tell us if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. No submission fee is required. Payments are made for accepted work in most submission categories.

See our website for details.

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