Saturday, December 5, 2015

Call for Submissions: Kalyna Review

Kalyna Review- a celebration of language and translation
Call for submissions for Spring 2016 issue

How do we know what we know? It seems like an absurd, abstract question. At its most basic we know because we sense the world, feel the creep of warm sunlight at dawn, hear the gradually accumulating chorus of birds. Yet our perceptions are filtered through the sleek, estranging mesh of language, of ideas. There is our native language and the translated literature that we read.

Kalyna Review is looking for articles and creative work that explores how language creates the personal universe we each inhabit. We are also interested in marginalised and minority European languages, the languages of peoples who throughout most or all of their history had no state. We are seeking:

--articles of 1000 words exploring issues relating to translated literature.
--Poems of up to 100 lines which creatively use language to reinvent the world
--Flash fiction of 100-150 words

The review began as a poetry journal but aims to expand its scope and to act as a bridge between cultures.

No more than 3-5 poems per submission, but we have no objection to further submissions, even if we do not accept your initial submission.

Ideally, for online publications, we would like no more than the equivalent of 5, A4 size pages per piece. However, we are considering a future anthology of longer pieces. If you have any longer pieces of work you would like us to consider for this, please include these in your email.

We welcome work from anywhere in the world. We would particularly like to see work from languages not usually translated into English. For written work, please submit the work in the original language and English.

Our experience has taught us that, due to the differences in language, the translation of your work may not be a 'like for like' translation. We would prefer to see poems that are interesting and well written English versions, rather than slavishly following the original.

Please send any photography/artwork via JPEG. If accepted, we will contact you to supply a high resolution digital format if necessary.

General Guidelines
Email submissions only. Please include written work in the body of your email. Please also include a covering letter with a short biog. and, if you would like, a photograph - photographs are not compulsory.

We aim to let you know within one month of receipt or as soon as possible thereafter.

Send to: 

editorATkalynareviewDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

Deadline for submissions - 1st February 2016

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