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Call for Submissions from Students in Grades 7-12: 95th and King Literary Magazine

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Department of English, Foreign Languages, Interdisciplinary Studies

95th & King is a literary magazine devoted to publishing the original work of young writers grades 7-12. We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and literary essays. Students are encouraged to submit original work in one or more category.

SPRING 2016 Call for Submissions
Theme: I’m So Chicago

In this issue of 95th & King, entitled, I’m so Chicago, we invite submissions that focus on what it means to be a Chicagoan and/or what Chicago represents to you. We encourage young writers to explore the city from all perspectives. In addition to poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, and literary essays, we invite visual submissions that capture the heartbeat of the city.

We hope that young writers will use this opportunity to [re]name the City of Big Shoulders and explore the weight that it carries. In March of 1914, Carl Sandberg described Chicago as:

HOG Butcher for the World, Tool Maker,
Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads
and the Nation's Freight Handler; Stormy,
husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders

Kanye West uses metaphor to describe his relationship with Chicago in the lyrics of Homecoming where he likens Chicago to a girlfriend that he often thinks about when he is away. Specifically, West uses the pronoun she when describing his relationship. In the following line, West uses metaphor to describe the heavy Chicago winds that are known for its razor sharp impact. West states,
"...come from out of town I like to show her off. They like to act tough, she like to tow’em off. And make ‘em straighten up their hat cause she know they soft…." 

Submission Guidelines

Poetry submissions: 1 to 2 poems
Fiction and Creative Nonfiction submissions: 1250 words maximum
Literary essay submissions: 500 words maximum

All work should be submitted electronically as an MSWord document to:

95andkingATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

Please include a cover page with author’s first and last name, school name and address, grade, home address, telephone number, and email. Email notification will be sent at the beginning of March, 2016 to the author.

Submission Deadline: February 5, 2016
Publication Date: April, 2016

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