Sunday, December 20, 2015

Call for Submissions: Alebrijes Literary Journal

Alebrijes is seeking work that simmers just above the subconscious. We take our name from the Mexican folk-art of colorful, intricately carved figures that live, eat, and breed on the open plains of the imagination. We publish pieces that open the horizons of Existence, that cross the nocturnal borders of our souls. Give us something that bores a black-hole into our minds and pulls at our every thought.

We enjoy experimentation, surreal elements, the shattering of narrative structure, the cracks within your photographic lens. Not only do we publish pieces in English, we are friendly to works in Spanish. Give us one or the other, or a mixture of both. Send us works that carve out new territories, that dismantle metaphysics, give us that chorus of voices that reside only within you.

FICTION: We are attracted to pieces challenge us as readers, yet are absent of any pretentious leanings. Though the story and structure may be opaque, the characters should be engaging and there must be some type of underlying mechanics working beneath the narrative.

NON-FICTION: The essays we wish to publish are lyrical in nature. Please do not send us dense, academic research. We prefer work that toes the line between literature and philosophy. We enjoy Continental and Latin-American philosophy. We also have a fondness for aesthetics and critical theory.

POETRY: Form and structure is not a an issue. We enjoy the imagery and juxtaposition. We read Andre Breton alongside Shakespeare’s sonnets. Our appetite has room for Sandra Cisneros alongside Fernando Pessoa. You get the idea.

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