Friday, April 3, 2015

Call for Submissions: Cahoodaloodaling

Issue #17 – Grit by the Glass

Denis Johnson says to write naked, write in blood & write from exile. For this issue, we’re looking for Grit Lit writing that does just that. We want pieces that kick you in the gut & leave your mouth bloody. We’re looking for poetry & prose that can stop a dog fight while drinking homemade whiskey. We’d love stories, essays & poems that can find their way around the darkest hollers & the seediest city blocks. We want words that know their way around shotguns & fights, black eyes & regret. Words that get at the worst decisions people have ever made & their bare knuckle consequences. In the end, we want pieces that will shake you to your core because they are unafraid of broaching a difficult topic & they do it with aplomb.
See submission guidelines. 
Submissions due 6/20/15. Guest Editor Sam Slaughter. Issue live 7/31/15.

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