Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Writer-in-Residence: The Paris Review


In partnership with The Paris Review, the Standard, East Village is pleased to announce its first Writer-in-Residence.

For the first three weeks in January 2014, the Standard, East Village will provide a room free of charge to a writer who has a book under contract and needs three weeks of solitude in downtown New York City. Applications will be judged by the editors of The Paris Review and Standard Culture. All applications should be submitted electronically to:

residencyATtheparisreviewDOTorg (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Each application should include:

1) A description and sample of the work-in-progress, not exceeding fifty pages total.

2) A letter from the publisher confirming that the work is under contract.

3) A brief letter from the writer explaining how this residency would benefit his or her work-in-progress.

Writers may also submit samples of previous work. This is optional. Samples should not exceed fifty pages total.

The deadline for the application is November 1, 2013.

The residency is open to writers of prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction. Continental breakfast (and unlimited coffee) will be provided daily free of charge; all additional incidental charges (room service, etc.) will be incurred by the guest. All rooms are nonsmoking. The Standard, East Village and The Paris Review will be pleased to hold a small reception in the writer’s honor at the conclusion of the stay. It is expected that the writer will stay alone, within reason.

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