Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Call for Poetry Comics: Snakeskin

Jessy Randall will guest-edit the February 2014 issue of the online poetry magazine Snakeskin. This year, the theme will be POETRY COMICS. Jessy says:

The genre (if it is one) of poetry comics can be hard to define. The examples below may be more useful than my description. In general, poetry comics are poem-like hand-drawn combinations of text and image, not necessarily well-drawn or funny, though sometimes both. In my opinion, Kenneth Koch was an early practitioner and perhaps invented the idea of poetry comics. These links give examples:

general overview, comicsobserver

Kenneth Koch

Sommer Browning

Max Winter

bunch o’ links

If you think you might be making poetry comics, even if your definition doesn’t match mine, please send 1-5 images (single panel or multi-panel or whatever – the count won’t be strict) to:

jessyrandallATyahooDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Previously-published comics are fine – just say where they first appeared. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Attachments should be jpegs or pdfs. The deadline is December 1.


Jessy Randall said...

Thank you for posting this! I've received only a few submissions so far, but many of them are perfect. I'm hoping there are more on the way.

Jessy Randall said...

Thank you! I've received only a few submissions so far, but most of them are exactly perfect. Hoping there are more on the way.

Jeanne Lyet Gassman said...

You're welcome! Hope more good work comes in.