Saturday, October 19, 2013

Call for Submissions with Mind & Body theme: Sonora Review

Sonora Review call for submissions:

Body: desire, disorder, identity, injury, transfiguration, amputation, phantom limb syndrome, invasion, abduction, disease, food, excrement, anatomy, healing, disability, autopsy, necrophilia, dopplegangers, cyborgs, twins, tattoos, evolution, decay, death, sex...

Mind: cognition, perception, mis-perception, illusion, emotion, memory, language, neurosis, consciousness, subconsciousness, psychosis, dreams, the afterlife, phantasmagoria, philosophy, brain injury, psychotics, neuroscience, animal intelligence, artificial intelligence, telekinesis...

Our upcoming double-issue will feature explorations of the Mind & Body. We invite you to submit work that connects, separates, interrogates, unpacks, packs up, misinterprets and examines in every which way the body, the mind and their intersections.

Submit here.

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