Saturday, October 26, 2013

Call for Submissions: Soundings Review

Soundings Review is the literary journal of the MFA program at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts on Whidbey Island, Washington. The magazine welcomes submissions of high quality writing in any area (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s/young adult). We are open to different styles and voices, but are passionate about accessibility and depth. We seek articles that create a connection with a reader on the first reading and spur increase understanding and pleasure after further readings. (Our only taboo: hate literature, which includes pornography, gratuitous violence, and all the “isms” that stereotype or disrespect others).

We also offer two semi-annual contests, the Founders’ Circle Contest for published writers, and the First Publication Contest for writers whose work has not appeared in a national publication. Winners receive publication and $300 (Founders’ Circle) or $100 (First Publication). Entry fees are $10.

Deadlines for submissions and contest entries are January 1 and May 1. Soundings Review is published twice a year. For more information, please see our submission guidelines.

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