Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writing/Editing Job: Director of Digital Marketing: Melville House

Title: Director of digital marketing & editor of webzine
Description: Melville House is looking for a strong writer/editor emanating spunk to edit our renowned MobyLives blog and to manage our website and ecommerce efforts.

Duties include management of all aspects of our website and creative participation in our online marketing campaigns, including:

• entering and maintaining data, as well as supervising tweaks, updates, improvements and redesigns of the website;

• creating and supervising website promotional campaigns, as well as larger internet campaigns;

• writing for, and being the managing editor of, MobyLives;

• managing our online sales program;

• raising the company's profile.

This is not an entry-level job. Salary between $35-45K, depending on experience, plus benefits.
Requirements: This is a marketing position first and foremost. Editors with no marketing experience, and/or no experience with website maintenance, should not apply. Seriously. Don't do it. Experience at a book publishing house preferred. If you know our list, you're way ahead.

Beyond that, candidates must:

• have strong writing, verbal, and data management skills;

• be able to get under the hood of our website's programming;

• have a high level of comfort with WordPress, Photoshop, and InDesign;

• possess the ability to keep a lot of balls in the air at once;

• be self-motivated and well-organized;

• work well under deadline pressure;

• enjoy working in a fast-paced, deeply collaborative and creative environment;

• have a sense of humor, for God's sake;

• give a damn about independent publishing;

• feel the future is an exciting place they can influence.

Location: Brooklyn, New York
How To Apply For This Job: Send a resume, writing samples, and cover letter to: (Change AT to @). Cover letter should be addressed to publisher Dennis Johnson and explain your appropriateness for the position and familiarity with the company.

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