Saturday, February 23, 2013

Science Fiction Competition: The Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest

Baltimore Science Fiction Society is a 501(c)(3) literary organization, dedicated to the promotion of, and an appreciation for, science fiction in all of its many forms. To promote the creation of quality genre literature in the state of Maryland, we're holding this contest and encouraging everyone to enter. Anything that falls into the "speculative fiction" genre--science fiction in all its forms and fantasy in all its forms. Urban fantasy, hard science fiction, dark fantasy, it all counts. That is to say, the work must have a speculative element.

You have to be 18 or over to enter, a Maryland resident or currently a student at a MD two or four year college, and you cannot either be a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America or have been published in a professional science fiction/fantasy magazine.

Word minimum is 1,000 words. Word limit of 5,500 words. All submissions should be formatted using the standard short story submission format (courier font, 12 size, double spaced, etc. see William Shun's example here.

There is no fee to enter.

First place wins $250 and will be published in the BSFSF (ourconvention guide at Balticon) and invited to Balticon to do a reading of either a selection of their winning story or the entire story (depending on length and the availability of time and the wishes of the winner).

The contest opens on March 1st. We will be accepting entries until June 15th. The winner will be announced at Capclave on October 12th.

BSFS Officers and Board members, and the Chair, Vice Chair and Department Heads for Balticon MAY NOT ENTER.

For more info, including the submission email address, please see our website here.

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