Saturday, July 8, 2017

Call for Submissions on Theme of Displacement: The Fourth River

Call for submissions--The Fourth River/DISPLACEMENT 

Submissions open July 1-September 1 

For all our submissions, themed or otherwise, we welcome especially work by writers who are part of marginalized groups: immigrant and indigenous writers; writers of color; women, non-binary, LGBQA and trans writers; writers with disabilities both visible and invisible. Send us your best work!

Climate refugees. Environmental migrants. Diasporic communities. Subduction zones and fault lines. Shifting matter. Unconscious substitutions of the (ir)rational mind. Bodies in incarceration, internment and detainment.
The Fourth River’s 15th print issue, due out in Spring, 2018, will explore notions of displacement.

What does it mean to move or be moved from a physical, spiritual or emotional place or position? What are the natural, social and scientific forces that act upon bodies, spaces and communities?

For this special themed issue, we are seeking fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art that highlights the experience of displacement: the causes, processes and effects of leaving, escaping or being forced from natural and/or human-made worlds. We are interested in a broad definition of this term.

We are also open for general nature/place submissions. Submit your work here.

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