Saturday, July 8, 2017

Call for Submissions: joINT Literary Magazine

joINT. Literary Magazine seeks to elevate work from the margins of Afro-diasporic experience including, but not limited to: those perspectives that engage the complexities of ability, gender identity & sex, race, class, and religion, among others. We are particularly interested in work from emerging writers and the work of Black women, women-centered BW, and woman-identified persons of African descent.

We're currently seeking work in the following categories for publication in fall/winter 2017: POETRY, SPOKEN WORD, and ESSAY.

Guidelines for each category are as follows:

Poetry: 3-5 poems, .doc/.docx files, only.
Essay/Fiction: 5000 words, max., .doc/.docx files, only.
Flash fiction: 1000 words max., .doc/.docx files, only.
Visual Art: 3 JPEG files, max.
Audio/Video files: MP3/MP4, only.

Selected work will be compensated. We pay via PayPal and Square. 

We accept submissions via email to:

jointliterarymagATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

In the subject line of your submission, note the genre of your work and your last name (Example: Poetry/Jones). Work should be sent as email attachments in the appropriate formats.

The artist bio should be sent as a separate attachment, limited to 100 words, not including links to the contributor's personal site and/or projects.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. We strongly encourage simultaneous submissions. Please let us know, immediately, if your work is accepted elsewhere, so that we can withdraw it from consideration.

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