Saturday, October 29, 2016

Seeking Interviewees for Poetry Podcasts: This Choice

This Choice is a new (very small, independent, living-room based) podcast series that asks poets how their attention to poetry affects their daily lives.

Interviews are conducted via Skype, and published through Soundcloud, available on iTunes.

I'm looking for published poets who believe this topic is pertinent to them. If this sounds interesting, please send a bio and a brief message about how attention to poetry matters in the choices you make (-please read the manifest on the website).

And then be patient with me.

Previous interviewees include Kelli Russell Agodon, Molly Fisk and the psychiatrist/poet Richard M. Berlin.

I will be continuing the podcast as a monthly project.

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Email me: 

renkat(at)mac(dot)com (Change (at) to @ and (dot) to . )

Please write This Choice in the subject mind so it doesn't wind up in the spam folder.

Ren (Katherine) Powell, Editor

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