Thursday, November 5, 2015

Call for Submissions: Barking Sycamores

Barking Sycamores is a literary journal publishing poetry, short fiction (1000 words or less), creative nonfiction (8,500 words or less), and art by neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, bipolar, dyslexic, etc.) writers and artists. We seek on the theme of “Reconstruction” for Issue 8 (Winter/Spring 2016). In addition to poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork we also seek essays on neurodivergence and how it impacts the creation of literary works.
Submission period: October 20 – December 19, 2015.
Creatives are invited to submit works which interpret the theme as broadly or as narrowly as desired. We especially invite works which address the following: the act of rebuilding that which has been damaged or destroyed; the end product of such acts of reconstruction; a creation of a past event or artifact based on available information; the post-Civil War era of Reconstruction in United States history; social justice; works focused on social, racial, or other types of inequality; and civil rights. We also invite works which are themselves a reconstruction of the author’s own work of poetry, fiction, art, or creative non-fiction which has been destroyed or damaged — for those types of works, we also strongly suggest the inclusion of process notes along with the submitted piece(s).
The philosophy of our journal is unique, so we ask that interested creatives consult our submission guidelines before sending any work to us.
N.I. Nicholson
Barking Sycamores
a journal for neurodivergent literature and its craft

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