Saturday, November 28, 2015

Call for Submissions and Flash Fiction Contest: The Indianola Review

The Indianola Review is reading Poetry, Nonfiction and Fiction for our March issue. We're a very writer-friendly journal, and our Duotrope numbers reflect our commitment to speedy response times (11-day average). We send out personal replies when we can, pay our contributors (token for now, but we're working on it), nominate for Pushcarts and other major awards, and publish in handsomely-formatted print editions. We typically receive literary fiction, but we LOVE well-wrought genre fiction of all types and will consider it "literary" if it's great—snobs be damned.

Our flash fiction contest, guest judged by David James Possiant, is a great chance at $1,000, as well, especially considering our relatively small contest submissions pool, to date. 

Like us on Facebook or Twitter (@IndianolaReview) and enter your username as your Promo Code for $5 off your entry. 

Check us out at our website or submit here.

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