Thursday, November 5, 2015

Call for Nonfiction: Story Club Magazine

We are now reading submissions for Story Club Magazine! We accept pieces of nonfiction, 2000 words or less, that were first performed in front of an audience. We publish three Issues a year and a Story of the Week every Wednesday.

To submit, please email your piece as a .doc, .docx, or PDF and include your name, the title of the piece, your contact information, and the name of the show where you performed the piece.

Email to:

submissionsATstoryclubmagazineDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . ) 

Please include any audio/video you may have of the performance. We pay $25 for Stories of the Week and $50 for pieces that make it into our Issues. We request first serial North American and electronic rights. All other rights remain with the author. 

For a sense of what we're looking for, please check out our latest Issue and our manifesto.

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