Monday, September 2, 2013

Call for Submissions: Blotterature

Blotterature is a small press online lit journal, started by a few Region Rats who want to see good literature reach a larger audience. Our mission is to merge “the academic” with “the underground,” as there is value in both sides of the spectrum. This means, we strive to publish well-crafted pieces without all the pretension, just as we don’t shock just to shock unless there is something universal in the subtext.

Blotterature accepts a wide variety of prose, poetry, and artwork. We want the nontraditional mixed with careful attention to craft and process. Well-developed with an edge. Experimental while knowing exactly what you’re doing. Thought-out. Thrilling. However, while we enjoy the taboo, we will not accept sexist, racist, homophobic, or other discriminatory material unless it is to provide commentary or provoke thought on issues. Be smart about it. Don’t be an asshole without reason.
How to Submit
We accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you notify us via email right away if your piece has been accepted elsewhere; you must withdraw your entire submission, but may resubmit a new piece/s if it is still during the reading period; only one submission per reading period otherwise. Submissions sent outside of the reading period will still be considered.
All submissions must be sent to:

blotteratureATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

In the subject of the email, write the genre to which you are submitting, followed by the title of your story. If you are submitting to an off-season issue, please include “off-season” in the subject of the email, as well. Send pieces as an attachment, but your cover letter may be in the body of the email. Cover letters should say something about yourself. Anecdotes and random facts about your life woo us more than credentials. Make us like you. Or, tell us why we should hate you. Whatever you do, just don’t be a robot with us.

We also have off-season issues which will be posted directly on the site. These will be smaller issues that revolve around a particular theme (to clarify: normal issues arenot themed!). We will begin these issues in spring 2014. You may simultaneously submit to both the regular and the off-season issues; just be sure to distinguish which is which in the subject of your email and in your cover letter.

Reading Periods
winter issue: August 1 – November 1.
summer issue: February 1 – May 1.
fall off-season issue: August 1 – September 1.
spring off-season issue: February 1 – May 1.
Please see below for specific requirements for each genre.
Short stories, flash fiction. No chapters from novels.

4,000 words or less for short stories
1,000 words or less for themed issue
500 words or less for flash fiction
1 story per submission
1-3 flash fiction pieces per submission, all in one file
Most file formats accepted

Memoir, articles, essays, micro-essays, etc. No unsolicited interviews or reviews.

4,000 words or less
1,000 words or less for themed issue
500 words or less for micro-essays
1 pieces per submission
1-3 micro-essays per submission, all in one file
Most file formats accepted

All poetry.

3-5 poems per submission, all in one file
Most file formats accepted

Comics, drawings, photography, photographs of 3D art, etc. No sound, video, or .gifs.

3-5 pieces per submission; do not have to be in the same file
.jpeg at 72 dpi

Blotterature claims First North American Rights. All rights revert to the writer after publication, but we then ask that we are acknowledge upon future publication of the same piece/s.

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