Saturday, September 7, 2013

Call for Creative Nonfiction and Poetry Submissions: Fourth River

Fall 2014 Themed Issue: WOMEN AND NATURE

Submit here.

In honor of the 35th year since the publication of Susan Griffin's eco-feminist classic Woman and Nature: the Roaring Inside Her, The Fourth River announces a 2014 themed issue on Women and Nature. We are looking for poetry and creative nonfiction, written by women, inspired by the natural world or addressing environmental concerns. Although we will accept lined poems and traditional essays, we are most interested in seeing prose poetry or lyric essays.

In the words of Adrienne Rich, who reviewed Griffin's book, we are looking for any work that "demands of us activity, not passivity; which enlarges our sense of female presence in the world; . . . which uses language and sensual imagery to impart a new vision of reality, from a woman-centered location; . . . which expands our sense of the connections among us in the bonds of history; . . . which drives us wild, that is, helps us break out from tameness and repetition into new trajectories of our own." — Adrienne Rich, New Woman's Times Feminist Review.

Submission period is May 15-Dec 15. All submissions should come through our Submittable page. We will also be accepting material for a general issue so please make sure that you identify your submission as for the "Women and Nature" issue.

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