Friday, August 30, 2013

Managing Editor and Call for Submissions: Blue Lyra Review

Submissions and job notice:

Blue Lyra Review's December 2013 issue will be dedicated to nonfiction. We¹re looking for work that doesn¹t shy away from how hard life can be but that also explores courage, resilience, and life¹s beauty. Please show up on the page with a unique voice, passion, and a personal stake in a meaningful, discernible conflict. Life is contradictory ‹ a place where unnecessary ugliness and cruelty exist alongside meaning, strength, and beauty. We¹re looking for writers who wrestle with this complexity and take us along their journey to a new understanding (or at least some good questions). No saccharin stories or unearned happy endings, please.

We¹re open to all topics but have a special interest in nature- or Jewish-oriented work. We take creative nonfiction, personal essays, memoir, or humor of 500 to 4,000 words. (The longer the essay, the tighter the focus needs to be on story and theme.) Our most compelling essays are nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Web, Best American Essays, Best American Science and Nature Writing, and similar honors.

Deadline is October 18. Please submit via our Submittable link.

We are also interested in the other genres of poetry, fiction, translation, and art for next year. Plus we are starting book reviews. If interested in reviewing a book for any genre, please contact us privately through Facebook. The book must fit with our mission statement and goals.

Blue Lyra Review invites applications for the position of Managing Editor. Primary responsibilities include making sure writers receive and send their contracts, bio and so forth, getting revisions in on time from contributors, and being a back up reader via Submittable, and maintaining the database via Excel. Candidates must have a minimum of a BA, preferably MFA in nonfiction, poetry or fiction. A combination and interest in multiple genres is highly desirable! It would be even more ideal if you have experience in literary publishing, including navigating through CreateSpace or Lulu or something similar. Attention to detail, creativity, self-initiative, and a passion for literature are critical to success in this position. This is a position that could be done from anywhere as all our editors are spread across the USA.

Please send application letter, resume or CV to BluelyrareviewATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)
Matthew E. Silverman, poetry and art editor, publisher
Adrienne Ross Scanlan, nonfiction editor
Nancy Naomi Carlson, translations editor
B. Kari Moore, fiction editor
Lenore Weiss, copy editor
Laura Hong, web editor

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