Thursday, August 8, 2013

Call for Poetry Submissions: Pinwheel

Call for Poetry Submissions: Pinwheel (Sept 1-30)

The first three issues of Pinwheel, an online poetry journal, were comprised only of solicited poetry. We want to change that.


Yeah, yeah, we want "your best work," who doesn't. We don't want to read what you wrote last night or that thing you just started working on. We want something you have labored over. Define "labored" in any personal context you want, but you better feel bad if your submission isn't the kind of poetry you're ready to set on a gilded altar.

We want to know you have had a fight with these poems. Maybe you had to sleep on the couch a few times or even got kicked out of the house for a few nights. Your suffering should be poured into these poems.

With that said, we DON'T want your sentimental love poems; we DO want poems that hint at the sentiment of love. We DON'T want your nostalgia; we DO want your commentary on the innate sadness and loneliness and enthusiasm of being alive, you dig?

Send us no more than 5 poems totaling 10 pages during September. Poems that will throw a punch and take a goddamn punch. Rock the boat and burn the bridge, send us those poems.

What: Pinwheel 4

Where: pinwheelsubmissionsATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

When: September 1-30

Disclaimer: Any unsolicited submissions sent to us before or after September will be enthusiastically discarded.

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