Saturday, August 10, 2013

Call for Submissions: Wild Age Press

"We, as a society, take a lot of pills these days. The result of this is all these little (and big) brown pill bottles left over. Wild Age Press has decided to fill them with your words, and then distribute them. Do you have a story that’s a “prescription” to something? Stifling nostalgia? Sexism? Road rage? Irritating bubbly happiness? Indifference to global warming? We’'d love to read it.

What to send: Prose, poetry, comics/graphic stories, or any mix thereof.
Please include a cover letter that includes the thing your story/poem/comic is a prescription to.
How much to send: 3 pages max — shorter is better.
When to send it: By midnight (EST) September 1, 2013.
Where to send it:

submissionsATwildagepressDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Put your last name and the title of your submission in the subject field, please. Email attachment (any normal file format) is fine, so is copy/pasting the text into the body of the email.

Why to submit: You get to say you had the first ISBN on a pill bottle, $15, 2 free copies, and mad street cred.

Remember, if you don’t follow these simple guidelines, your submission will be deleted unread. End. of. Story. If we don't get any submissions we love, we won’t publish anything, because that would be unfair to both us and you. We doubt that will happen, though. We think we’re going to get some awesome stuff, and we’re excited to read it.

Questions? Email us at:

editorATwildagepressDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to .)

Kelly Thomas
Wild Age Press

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