Monday, April 30, 2012

Call for Submissions: Composite

Composite is a free quarterly, themed PDF journal of art and literature that exists somewhere between a literary magazine and an art gallery.

We are currently accepting submissions of unpublished flash fiction or micro-essays under 1000 words, and short stories or creative non-fiction essays under 3000 words for our 8th issue, themed (GLITCH).

We want control. We are not being anal, we are not being de­manding, but rather stating the quintessential want of every breathing thing on this earth. We want to have dominion and conquest over the matter at hand. But, when we are not given such a right, all hell breaks loose. Hearts broken, faith questioned, the validity of our existence comes to question. Maybe we have no control, no right to be creators of the decadent? But, perhaps this is needed to wake us up, to reveal the endured spirit that has sprinted after trial and trial, to show that the profane abomination, resulting from the loss of strict control, is glorious. The Glitch has made it perfect.

The submission deadline for (GLITCH) is May 21, 2012.

We only accept electronic submissions through Submishmash.

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