Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Call for submissions: tak'til

Got some poems, fiction, or non-fiction sizzling on your hard drive? Hungry for publication, or maybe just hungry? tak′tīl, an online lit journal of work that jolts the senses, is accepting submissions for its inaugural issue!

At tak′tīl, we look for work with haptic memory: sense-oriented poems and pieces of prose that convey as much through words as our synapses do when we touch and taste and smell. We are less interested in works that are cerebral, and more in pieces that offer a unique sense experience—for instance, writing about food so vivid readers can taste oysters on their tongues, can feel the stretch and give of bread dough in their hands.

So tantalize our senses! Send your best stuff! To submit, please send as many poems or pieces of prose as you'd like to:

info.taktil(at) (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

no later than April 20th.

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