Sunday, November 20, 2016

Call for Submissions of Micro-Fiction: Blink-Ink

Deadline: December 14, 2016

Space . . . to boldly go etc. When this issue comes out the Winter Solstice will have passed and all will be made anew. A new year, a new regime, and a fresh new start. We feel an expansive, adventurous, futuristic theme would be in order. To paraphrase PKD, “Stories that could only take place in space”. Your story should be about space, outer space, the cosmos, or the ever elusive partner of space . . . time. Please send your best prose fiction of 50 words or less that touches upon our theme. No poetry, no bios please.

Submissions open November 1 through December 14. 

For more information on how to submit, visit our website

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