Friday, February 19, 2016

Call for Essay Submissions: Anthology on Prejudice in Academia

Anthology on prejudice in academia seeks essays (deadline extended)

Collection on identity and prejudice in academia  

Academics considered “other” have had to fight their way into the university, first as students and then as faculty and staff members. This collection of personal essays will disclose experiences of dealing with prejudice (of any kind) at colleges and universities.

Contributors should describe and analyze their experiences and may choose formats that feel the most natural to their expression of those experiences. Hybrids are welcome, but all stories must be true.

Latin@s, African Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans, transnationals, LGBTs, disabled or anyone labeled as “other” are encouraged to submit.

Through self-representation and the role of writing as agency, this collection will demonstrate how othered academics fight back — by representing their identities while simultaneously subverting the dominant culture’s power to label them as inferior.

We've extended the deadline to March 1, 2016. Please email submissions for consideration to:  

Michael Moreno (michael.moreno[at]american[dot]edu), 
Michele Shaul (shaulm[at]queens[dot]edu) 
and Kathryn Quinn-Sánchez (ksanchez[at]georgian[dot]edu) (Change [at] to @ and [dot] to . )

While selected authors may choose to remain anonymous in the publication, please send at the time of submission your email, address and phone number.

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