Friday, October 23, 2015

Call for Poetry Submissions: Loose Change Magazine

Submittable link for submissions.

Loose Change 5.2 is alive and bopping to the writing of Emily Carr, Chad Davidson, Shira Dentz, Andy Frazee, Sarah Renee Marshall, Lauren Neefe, Dan Rosenberg, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Kate Schapira, and Jaclyn Watterson, among other talented writers, and with artwork by Emma Ignaszewski.

Submissions to 6.1 are now open.

Cathy Park Hong writes in her recent article in The New Republic that American poetry has been “galvanized by the activism of Black Lives Matter, spearheaded by writers of color who are at home in social media activism and print magazines; some poets are redefining the avant-garde while others are fueling a raw politics into the personal lyric. Their aesthetic may be divergent, but they share a common belief that as poets, they must engage in social practice.... Poetry is becoming progressively fluid, merging protest and performance into...[a practice] of social engagement.”

While we remain open to a wide range of aesthetic and thematic terrain, we remain particularly interested in works that explore literary art as social practice at the level of form and content, and hope to receive ever more submissions of work so engaged in new and renewing ways. Loose Change on the Wor(l)d—submit your innovative best!

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