Monday, June 1, 2015

Call for Submissions: Raven Chronicles

SUBMISSIONS WANTED for Raven Chronicles Vol. 22, Fall 2015 Issue:
Submission/Reading Period: April 1 – July 1, 2015 

U.S.A. Submissions: Submit all work via US mail.
International Submissions: Submit work via email attachments.
Theme: Laugh. Laugh? Laugh!

What makes you laugh? What do you think is funny or absurd? And who? People of all ages and of different cultures respond to humorous situations in different ways. Funhouse mirrors, madhouse laughs, slipping on a banana peel, cartoons satirizing historical, religious or political figures, inside jokes: they’re all part of it, but there’s more. Lucy Tapahanso, Navajo poet, suggests the idea of “Laughter as Welcome, Acceptance, Recognition, Shared Delight." All of it "good medicine.” Laughter transcends race, class, gender, culture, political party. Millions of Americans tune in to watch America's Funniest Home Videos: why? Trickster jokes, Jewish standup comics, Irish storytellers, slapstick comedy (physical) vs. satire (requiring an understanding of social meaning and context). Know any Raven jokes? What’s so funny? Tell me about it….

Wanted: poems, essays, fiction/non-fiction; and cartoons, caricatura política (political cartoons), b/w artwork on this theme. Stories, memories, desires, family legends, half-buried truths, images, your rants and raves, your good experiences and bad, the worst and the best and, above all, send us your dreams, if they’re funny!

Submission Deadlines/Reading Period: April 1 through July 1, 2015 (postmarked) 

Publication: Fall, 2015
Editors: Poetry: Carolyne Wright;
Fiction: Matt Briggs;
Nonfiction: Allison Green
Raven jokes: Tiffany Midge 

Submission guidelines. 

--Poetry: Send a maximum of 3 poems. Focus is on content that melds with form — whether traditional or experimental.
--Creative Nonfiction, Essays, and Fiction: Submit up to 4,000 words, double-spaced, 12 point type. Experimental work is always of interest. We accept short stories or novel excerpts that can stand alone.
--Art: Cartoons, Black & White drawings, photos, illustrations, etchings. We are always looking for illustrators for stories, poems. We are fond of well-drawn Ravens and other Corvids! 

Submissions: e-mail artwork as a jpeg or pdf attachment. If we choose your artwork, we will contact you about how to submit accepted work. Email to: 

editorsATravenchroniclesDOTorg  (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

Regular Features: In each issue we print work related to the following themes/context:
Spoken Word; Poetics (essays or interviews); Memorials/Odes to Persons, Places & Things; Mapping the Terrain/Cultural Geography (translations); Food & Culture; The Northwest/Nature Writing.


--SEND A COVER LETTER with 1) contact information, 2) titles of work you are sending, and 3) a BRIEF bio (one paragraph-no resumes).
--Include Page Numbers and Author's name on all pages submitted.
--Send a SASE, Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, with your work. All work submitted must include a SASE (or we cannot return your work or reply to your submissions).
--Addressed To: On the outside of your envelope include the appropriate editor you are sending work to: Poetry Editor, Fiction Editor, or Nonfiction Editor.
Mail all work to: 

Raven Chronicles, 
15528 12th Avenue NE
Shoreline, WA 98155

International Submissions: We accept e-mail submissions ONLY from writers living outside the U.S.A. E-mail work attached as RTF or MS Word.doc or PDF. Do not embed work in e-mail message. Please use the following text in your subject line: Int'l Submission, ________ Editor.
ONLY SUBMIT one batch of poems or one prose piece for each print issue/theme. If you are submitting poetry and prose, please mail to us in separate envelopes addressed to appropriate editor.

Previously published work: we sometimes publish previously published work; inquire about it. Simultaneous submissions are NOT accepted. This is a change in our policy.
Submissions received outside of the reading period/deadlinewill be returned unread.
We will return/reply to all submissions within 2 months of July 1, 2015 deadline.


All contributors receive two copies of the magazine (only one if you live outside the USA). We sometimes pay a small payment (generally in the $10-$40 range). We try to pay contributors, but this isn't always possible. Payment will be sent after the magazine has been distributed. We buy first rights as well as the rights to use your name and the accepted work, with your agreement, on our website, and in subsequent anthologies, but all rights revert to you upon publication. We ask that Raven Chroniclesbe acknowledged in any subsequent publication of your work accepted. but all rights remain with you.

The Raven Chronicles publishes work which reflects the cultural diversity of the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia, and other regions. We promote art, literature and the spoken word for an audience that is hip, literate, funny, informed, and lives in a society that has a multicultural sensibility. We publish fiction, talk art/spoken word, poetry, essays, reflective articles, reviews, interviews and contemporary art. We look for work that reflects the author's experiences, perceptions and insights. We publish work by emerging and veteran writers.

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