Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Call for Nonfiction Submissions to Anthology: Other Fathers, Other Rooms

Call for nonfiction submissions: Other Fathers, Other Rooms

Seeking submissions for Other Fathers, Other Rooms, an anthology of contemporary nonfiction focusing on the less-told stories of contemporary fatherhood. We’ll consider any form or style of nonfiction. We want to complicate the discussion by including a broader range of experiences and voices. 

We want to hear from anyone with anything interesting to say, but we also want to hear from divorced dads, widowed dads, single dads, parent-sharing dads, older dads, younger dads, dads of special needs children, dads raising children in a place and/or culture other than the one from their own childhoods, and especially anyone who examines fatherhood today through the lenses of class, work, race, LGBTQ identities, non-normative gender roles, and any other factor that doesn’t fit the usual narratives we tell about fatherhood. 

We want to hear from reluctant fathers, eager fathers, those who chose not to be fathers, fathers who are primary caregivers, and father figures who may or may not be biological fathers themselves. We want to hear from women. We want to keep fatherhood (and motherhood for that matter) from being only a conversation had within one overly narrow identity group.

Submit by September 1, 2015 to:

otherfathersotherroomsATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

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