Saturday, March 28, 2015

Call for Submissions on Romani Experience: Drunken Boat

Drunken Boat, international online journal of the arts, is pleased to announce a special call for art and literature focusing on the experience of those who identify as Rom, Roma, Romanichels, Sinti, and Travellers. This folio will appear in Drunken Boat's 23rd issue and will be curated by new Managing Editor T.M. De Vos. 

We are currently seeking art, poetry, and short fiction about the Romani experience, individual or collective, within the United States and globally. Of particular interest is nonfiction, whether in the form of personal and academic essays; hybrid-genre work is also welcome. Successful submissions will provide insight, subvert stereotypes, and thoroughly eschew the romanticized image of a "Gypsy other" as a container for the desires, dreams, and taboos of gadje (non-Rom) society. 

Dual-language and multilingual works are welcome, as are multimedia pieces. Submissions will be considered through May 31st via Submittable.

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