Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Call for Poetry Submissions: Hartskill Review

Hartskill Review is looking for challenging, evocative, and insightful long poems for its December issue. In this context, a "long poem" is considered anything between 4 and 12 manuscript pages. No submission fee; pays one contributor copy.

Submittable link.

And, as always, regular length poems are welcome. Please consider submitting to Hartskill Review!

Submission details on Hartskill Review website.

Submit 1-3 poems at a time.
Gather your submission into one file.
Poems should be single spaced on the page.
Submit rich, complex, and ambitious poems that reward repeated readings.
Submit poems that mean something to you and stand a chance of meaning something to others.
Simultaneous submissions are okay (notify if accepted elsewhere).
Please include a short biographical note about yourself.
Write "comments welcome" if you wouldn't be averse to receiving comments from the editor.

Responds in 1-4 weeks.

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