Thursday, October 16, 2014

Call for Chapbook Prose Submissions: Slash Pine Press

Each academic year, Slash Pine Press publishes two chapbooks in limited runs of 125 copies. This year, the press will publish one in the Fall of 2014 and one in the Spring of 2015.

The reading period is now open for our Spring chapbook. We are in search of prose manuscripts of any prose genre, no longer than 25 pages and made up of at least five separate pieces. 

DEADLINE: October 31, 2014.  

To submit, go here.


We’re interested in seeing manuscripts of prose in all genres: fiction, non-fiction, and prose poetry. Manuscripts should be entirely prose, and should be made up of at least five interconnected or separate pieces. We are not considering, for example, submissions of one to four stories or essays. We are more interested in flash fiction or non-fiction, a larger work made up of smaller parts, or work that is conscious of how it uses white space and the page.

Simultaneous submissions are OK, but no multiple submissions will be accepted.

Please include your name and full contact information only in the “cover letter” section of the submission page. Authors may also list acknowledgments on the manuscript if desired.

All manuscripts receive a blind reading. The author’s name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript or in the title of file (on Submittable blind readers can still see the name of the file). Those manuscripts that include the author's name will be disqualified.

Manuscripts should be between 15-25 pages not counting cover page, acknowledgment page, or contents page (if included).

Collaborations are OK, but only by two authors.

The accepted manuscript will be determined by the editors and interns of Slash Pine Press. Decisions will be announced early 2015.

The $5 reading fee will go to printing and administrative fees. The author of the accepted manuscript will receive 15 copies as well as the option to buy additional copies at a reduced cost.

Faculty, students, and graduates of the University of Alabama are not eligible for publication.

As always, Slash Pine books are carefully designed and hand bound. To see examples of the books Slash Pine has published in the past, go to

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