Saturday, August 23, 2014

Writers Residency for African American Women over 40: Africa House

Creative Odyssey Enterprises and Africa House Announces Its Debut Heart of a Woman African-American Emerging Women Writers 40 and Over Writers Residency Program in Gallatin, TN for October 2014.
application instructions are here. 

Several lucky women will be selected to receive a two-week writing fellowship, which includes free room, board and meals, and various other perks, as they spend 14 lovely days of uninterrupted time to create, while relaxing in an historic, elegant, harmonious mansion; nestled in the gloriously plush landscaped beauty of nature and copious verdant meadows; to stimulate the muse and allow the recipients time and space to engage in creative revelry as they write, stretch their imagination, begin a new project, or to continue and complete an ongoing project.

Africa House is an elegant, expansive, historic mansion in Gallatin, TN, built on more than 30 acres of gorgeous landscape, and boasts 16,330 square ft., of luscious living. This is an elite setting where dignitaries, ambassadors, corporate leaders and other luminaries have stayed as guests of Dr. Arikana Chihombori and her husband, Dr. Nil-Saban Quao.

Africa House with its spirit of Ujamma (collective work together), also welcomes and promotes the spirit of Ubuntu (humanity working toward a common goal). Thus, we are very pleased to add the creative fervor of a variety of writing energies from several very talented emerging women writers 40 and over; to build yet another portal which supports the creative spirit in the literary arts.

Heart of a Woman's annual commitment is to develop an excellent venue, in which talented African-American Emerging Women Writers 40 and Over, can thrive, create and ultimately complete projects; once they've been granted an opportunity to devote a significant amount of uninterrupted time and concentration toward working on a particular literary project. This necessary respite affords a writer the luxury of solitude, to ruminate with their muse, conjure up new works or continue with works-in-progress; which may not be as easily accomplished while maintaining a full life of marriage with children, or single parenting, grand parenting, or full-time employment.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a dream-come-true atmosphere, conducive to creating the kind of solitude that evokes inspiration, and allows each writer the freedom to connect with the passion of her muse, in a fuller, deeper experience; which encourages exploration of one's truest voice.

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