Sunday, August 17, 2014

Translation Competition: Lunch Ticket's Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation or Multi-Lingual Texts

Lunch Ticket is now accepting submissions for our new Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation or Multi-Lingual Texts. Literary translation is crucial to writers of all cultures. Gabriel García Márquez completes what Edith Grossman details as a "Translation Loop" in her book, Why Translation Matters. Without a translator, Cervantes' Don Quixote would never have been read by William Faulkner, whose work, in turn, was translated into Spanish and influenced the work of Gabriel García Márquez, whose work has been translated into over a hundred languages, influencing authors from America to Japan. Translation makes for the possibility of untold numbers of these "loops of influence”—without which, we might never read the work of writers we could literally not imagine a world without (nor would most of us want to). For that reason, we have named this prize to honor "Gabo"—Gabriel García Márquez.

Please indicate whether your translation falls under poetry or prose, and refer to standard Lunch Ticket guidelines for work submitted in our preferred format. 
Please include the original work along with your translation, and a document showing that you have permission to publish the original work. Original, bilingual work may be submitted under the translation category; if this describes your work, please indicate this clearly in your cover letter, as the permissions requirements for your submission will be different. Please note when submitting translations that the responsibility for clearing rights and permissions for the translated works, and the payment of any related fees, lies with the translator. If you are unsure whether or not you have obtained the correct permissions, we suggest you contact ALTA, or use their resources to ensure that you are in compliance with our requirements for publication:
The winner will receive $200, and the winning piece will be featured in the next issue of Lunch Ticket alongside the two semi-finalists.  
For further details and submission manager, visit our website.

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