Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Call for Submissions: Grief: A Life in 5 Stages

Grief: A Life in 5 Stages is currently accepting submissions for the second volume of our print edition. We are looking for stories, artwork, photography, poetry, essays, etc focusing on any of the 5 stages of grief (anger, depression, bargaining, denial, or acceptance). It doesn't have to be focused on death (but it can be)--basically any situation/circumstance in which you experience one/all of these stages.

For artwork: We're most likely going to be printing in black and white (with a color cover), so please provide work that will translate well for this presentation. JPG/GIF files preferred. (Though if you have a piece that's better suited in color, you can submit it for consideration for exclusive use on our tumblr page.)

For writing: Please submit a Word doc and limit works to 1,500 words.

Submissions will be accepted from now until July 8th.
They can be e-mailed to:

the5stagesATgmailDOTcom(Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

At this time, Grief is unable to pay for accepted submissions; however, all contributors will receive a free copy of the print edition and will retain rights to their works.

Please share this with anyone who might be interested in contributing.

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