Saturday, May 31, 2014

Call for Poetry Submissions: Words Beats & Life: Global Journal of Hip-Hop Culture

Words Beats & Life: Global Journal of Hip-Hop Culture, a peer reviewed journal of hip-hop studies is seeking poetry for itsBrazil Themed issue to be published winter 2014.

Since the early 90s, Brazilian hip-hop has had a significant musical presence in the country, especially in cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where in the favelas colorful graffiti decorates every spare surface and hip-hop beats dominate the soundscape. Like the first artists out of New York City, hip-hop in Brazil was born out of 1980s favela street parties, where DJs played the latest American funk and soul records to largely Afro-Brazilian crowds and young people began rapping as a way to express the economic and social problems of their neighborhoods.

We are seeking poetry submissions that respond in any way to the topics of Brazilian hip-hop, hip-hop in an international context, or Brazil more generally.

Submissions are welcome in Spanish, English, Portuguese or any hybrid in between. Please submit 3-5 poems by 7/15/2014 to editor Melissa Castillo-Garsow, American Studies & African American Studies, Yale University:

melissaDOTcastillo-garsowATyaleDOTedu (Change DOT to . and AT to @ )

For more information about the journal visit our website.

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