Friday, January 10, 2014

Poetry Competition: The Switchgrass Review

The Switchgrass Review (sponsored by the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation of Corpus Christi, TX), welcomes submissions from poets nationally and abroad for our first annual poetry contest honoring women's wellness and education and Women and Girl’s HIV Awareness. We seek well-crafted poetry submissions from poets of all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, and abilities. (Please send your work!) This is a very low fee, or no fee, prize entrance. January 18th is the deadline.

$300.00 for top prize and $100.00 for three finalists. Please send up to five of your best poems that address awareness and understanding of the historical and contemporary achievements of women, especially in regard to issues of women’s health and healing. We welcome any form and subject matter related to issues of women’s health and empowerment, self-agency, and transformation. We can interpret broadly, and prefer clear, original, unsentimental writing (no greeting card verse) that uses concrete imagery and narrative to evoke profound thought and emotion.

Submit here.

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