Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fellowship Competition: Writers@Work 2014

Writers@Work 2014 Fellowship Competition

The Writers @ Work Annual Fellowship Competition is a great opportunity for emerging writers to have their work vetted by a talented panel of judges, well-known in their respective fields.

Awarded in each category:
First Prize:

Publication in Quarterly West;
Tuition for the 2014 Writers@Work conference*;
Featured reading at the conference.
Two Honorable Mentions: $250.

Any writer who has not yet published a book-length volume of original work in the genre in which they submit a manuscript;
Unpublished work only. Work appearing in online journals is considered published. Work on personal websites or blogs is considered unpublished;
Previous winners are not eligible in the genre in which they have won;
Board members are prohibited from submitting manuscripts during their tenure on the board;
Current and former students of the judges are ineligible to submit in those categories;**
You may enter multiple submissions per category and/or submissions in multiple categories. A reading fee is required for each entry.

Submission Guidelines
Your submission must have all identifying information removed. If your name appears on the submission, your entry will be disqualified;
The submissions manager keeps a record of your name, contact information, and submitted texts, which are kept blind from the readers and judges.
W@W Fellowship Competition no longer accepts paper submissions.
Reading Fee: $25 per entry

Deadline: Submissions close January 31, 2014.

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