Friday, November 22, 2013

Call for Olympic-Themed Submissions: InDigest Magazine

We’re accepting poems, comics, videos, stories, flash fiction, and anything else you’d like to send our way.

On top of our normal submissions for the upcoming issue, we’re taking submissions for a special sub-issue. Maybe you remember last year’s online marathon reading for the Mayan apocalypse called “The Last Reading on Earth, Ever.” Well, this will be a little in that spirit. Except this time there will be a sub-issue to go along with our marathon reading.

This sub-issue will be themed around the Olympics, it’s called “A Reading About the Olympics That Definitely Doesn’t Have the Word Olympics in the Title.” We’re looking for work that deals broadly with the Olympics. This can be interpreted any way you’d like, though we’re a little more interested in discussing the proxy politics of the event, the environmental costs, the social displacement of Olympic-urban construction than we are interested in hearing about the spirit of international sporting and collaboration or poems about five rings. But whatever, if you think it’s worth talking about, send it on over. We’ll gladly take a look. Have the joy of this sub-issue is that we won’t be 100% sure what we’re looking for until we see it. Send over your comics, videos, poems, flash fiction, photography, paintings, or whatever else you can come up with. We’re looking forward to reading it.

(NOTE: This issue will have an online issue element and an online reading – via Youtube – element.)

We’ll be reading for the new issue and the “A Reading About the Olympics That Definitely Doesn’t Have the Word Olympics in the Title” sub-issue/online reading through December 15, 2013. Submit here.

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