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Call for Submissions: Surreal South '13

Surreal South '13

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Surreal South shudders awake again, groaning to be born, and it needs your stories! It's time for Surreal South '13, hitting shelves this Halloween. And as with previous editions of the anthology series, Surreal South `13 is looking for stories that take the book title literally: stories that go "beyond the real" and that somehow take on southern setting, origin, or culture.

Our theme: A Surreal Lost and Found

For this edition in particular, we're looking for stories of impossible finds, or of unthinkable losses.

Show us what happens when, say, a deer hunter guts a whitetail doe to find a live human infant in its womb, or when a single mom finds that her autistic son has been going on nightly tours through Hell with Virgil, or when a small town in Tennessee begins to lose Newton's laws one at a time. Let your protagonist find something that you never could, or lose something that you're glad you can't, and take us along for the ride.

We welcome stories that are horrific, speculative, mysterious, dreamlike, or that draw from any of the various fiction genres, but please note that we aren't necessarily looking for pieces that are loyal examples of a genre, whether literary, fantasy, crime, horror, or others. What we want is to be disturbed and delighted by good narrative through good prose.

While we're strict about needing stories that go "beyond the real"—stories that involve the impossible or the supernatural—we're a little more flexible on the "southern" part of Surreal South. Either the story's content needs to involve the south, or it can be that the writer is associated with the geographical American south (born, living, spent time in prison or otherwise dallied somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon).

We require non-exclusive print and e-book rights to each story. While preference will be given to new, original work, we will consider work that has been published elsewhere. You must currently own free and clear rights to the piece.

Quick Intro to the Editor, Josh Woods:

The founders and original editors of Surreal South, Laura and Pinckney Benedict, have passed the torch to me, and, to be brief, I am extremely fortunate to receive such an honor and such a magnificent responsibility. My own fiction has appeared in the last two Surreal South editions among other places, and I was Associate Editor for Surreal South '09. Also, I was Editor of two other anthologies, The Versus Anthology, and The Book of Villains.


Surreal South `13 seeks submissions of prose fiction of 1000 to around 7000 words.

The fiction or the author must be in some manner southern, and the work must contain surreal elements.

Content should reflect the lost or found theme.

Only one submission per writer.

Rights: Submitter must own/control print and e-book rights to the work. All rights remain with the author; Press 53 seek one-time rights to publish the work in print and ebook format for as long as Surreal South '13 remains in print.

Submission must contain these elements, and these elements only:

a. The story or self-contained novel excerpt of 1000-7000 words.

b. Author bio (no longer than 250 words).

c. Story note relating to the origin of the story and its surreal elements.

d. Information on the publishing history of the story (if applicable).

Submission deadline: May 1, 2013

Notification: Authors will be notified by July 1, 2013

Publication date (e-book and print): October 31, 2013

Compensation: one complimentary copy of Surreal South '13 and the opportunity to purchase additional print copies (ebook not included) at 50% off the cover price plus shipping for as long as the book is in print.

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